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They can't make you leave it there, but if you cannot pay the bill to get the car released, they indeed do not have to release it back to your possession. In that case, yes, they will keep it impounded, and you will be charged a storage fee (usually accumulating daily interest) which must be paid before your car is returned to you.

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If your junk car towed away can you just leave the car over the towing company?

i own a car towing company and you can leave your car there

If the car was impounded and it's not worth taking it back because the towing bill is too much can you take the things out of the car and just leave it to them?

usely if you talk to the tow company an offer the tittle an th tow charge to there lot, they will let you. hope this helps

What happens if you leave your car with the towing company in NV and you don't want the car back?

After a period of time, it becomes an abandoned vehicle and can be claimed by another person/company.

Rules Of Towing?

If your car breaks down, you will probably need a towing company to come get you. There are a few things that you need to remember about towing companies and what to do before they get there. Call a reputable company instead of someone you have never heard of. The prices might be a little higher, but you know that you will get someone who has the equipment to tow your car. Take everything out of your vehicle if you need to leave it overnight. If you have towing on your insurance, use the policy to get your car towed for free.

How long can a car be impounded for driving on suspended license?

It will be impounded until you pay the fines and fees involved. Be careful because you will probably be charged a storage fee for every day you leave it in the impound lot.

In CA what legal measures can be made against you if you do not pay towing fees for a car that you plan to leave at the towing company?

I would call the towing company and ask what happens to your car if you are not able to pay the fees and claim the car. It is obviously not worth much, but you don't want these fees to grow into fines and other charges. Tell the towing company you can not afford the fees and ask who you need to contact to resolve the issue. Maybe they will agree to take the car and dispose of it for whatever cash they can get. If you make it sincerely understood that you are unable to pay, they may agree in order to get the car off the lot and the fees off the books. Worth a try. I don't know how much you owe in fees but your car is worth at least $125 as scrap!

What is the procedure for towing a 87 suzuki samurai stick shift 4x4?

Leave your wife or girlfriend in the car.

If my car got impounded and i dont want to get it out do i still have to pay a fee to just leave it there and forget about it?

You can just leave it and forget about it. They will do the rest. You can also call them and tell them you will not be picking up the car, that will get the paper work started much faster

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Does a cop need to be present to move someone elses car from your property?

In this state if someone parked his car in my yard and left it, I have the right to call a towing company and have it hauled away without calling the cops. On the other hand, the towing company is licensed and knows the law. They know whom to call, but they will haul the car off. When my car broke down and I parked it on someone else's property on a Saturday night, I got his permission to leave it there until a garage would open where I could get it fixed on a Monday morning.

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