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YES. Judgements are usually sold when the first SOL expires and a new CA starts all over.

NO THEY CANNOT come after you after 7 years UNLESS they began court action after about 6 years. Then they could take you to court but they must have begun litigation prior to the 7 year hold date.

All debts except for college loans, and criminal fines have a 7 year statute of limitations. College loans can be collected for the rest of the life of a person. Criminal fines I believe have a similar policy. All other debts and loans have a 7 year limit of being able to collect.

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Q: If your car was repossessed seven years ago can the collection agency start coming after you now?
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If one collection agency fails to collect a medical bill and sell it to another agency how long will the bill stay on a credit report?

seven years

How long do unpaid credit cards stay on your credit report in NY state?

Technically seven to ten years. When a credit card goes into default it gets written off on the creditors taxes as a loss and gets sold to a collection agency for 10 to 20 percent of the original loss. Down the line it gets sold from collection agency to collection agency.

Can a collection agency sue to collect an old debt?

If the debt has not been paid on in more than seven years than no. Otherwise yes.

If a car was repossessed and the amount due was 15K dollars can a collection agency claim to be collecting the amount due plus interest seven years later?

IF the CA was assigned the debt by the lender, IF the CA bought the debt from the lender, most important, IF there was a judgment against the debtor. YES. 6 yrs of interest adds up. YES

If you had vehicle repossessed seven years ago and it has been turned over to a collection agency will the collection stay on your credit report until it is paid in full?

* The question is a little vague, however here's what I can say: IF, and it should have been, the repossession was first put on his credit report 7years ago then no. Any negative credit - excluding bankrupcy - by law must be taken off your credit report after 7years of its last active date (this is either when it was put on, or when you last paid it).

Does the Federal Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act keep creditors from refreshing the debt after seven years by selling it to a collection agency?

NO. only the expiration of the SOL. Which is in almost all cases shorter than the seven year CR.

How do you use the sentence he had?

He had seven cars, but the bank repossessed five of them. He had a cookie, but someone ate it.

Will a Collection agency or credit card company sue for debt 6 years later?

hello yes they can as i have just found out mine was seven years if the find you you cannot get away from it sorry

How long can a collection agency have an account for?

There is no time limit. They may "have" the account forever, but they may only collect on it for seven years from the date of last payment or ten years in the event of a judgment.

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Will the collection agency on a repo ever stop harassing you?

By harrassing you, it can only be assumed that they are calling you multiple times per day. Or, that when they call you they are making outlandish threats against you, your family, and all of your personal safety. Or, that they are coming to your place of employment and pointing at you to identify that they are trying to collect a debt from you. Unless you can show evidence that this agency is in violation of the FDCPA, and your state's collection laws, then no. The contact will stop only after you have paid the debt off, or seven years from the date of your last payment (in this case probably the resale of the repossessed car) has passed, or in the event the lender sues you ten years have passed from the date of the judgment, or in the event the lender got an extension from the courts on the judgment tenty years from the original judgment date has ellapsed. Pay the outstanding amount that you contracted to pay, or keep getting phone calls.

What is the time limit imposed on a collection agency to validate a debt?

If you legally incurred the debt then you are responsible for it until it is paid. A company other than the company to which you were originally indebted may purchase the rights to your debt and you are responsible for paying them. There is no time limit on that debt. A collection agency can legally pursue you until the debt is paid in full. However, there is a time limit on the negative consequences of not paying the debt. In most circumstances that limit is seven years. Seven years from the time you became delinquent with your original creditor. Whether or not your debt was purchased by a collection agency, it should not be reported on your credit report or affect your credit score after seven years. The only time the debt could reappear is if you take an action on it. For example: In 1997 you applied for and received a store credit card and charged $1000 in merchandise. You did not pay the bill and after their attempts to collect the debt fail, the store sells your debt to a collection agency in 1998. That agency sells your debt to another agency in 2000. In the meantime, you pay all your bills on time and have an otherwise spotless credit history. In 2004 your $1000 debt will no longer appear on your credit report and your credit score will be higher because the old debt is no longer figured in the calculation. The collection agency is not doing anything illegal by contacting you regarding your debt. But it is no longer affecting your credit rating. In 2007 you pay $500 toward the debt. Your credit report would reflect you have a $500 debt to the collection agency and your credit score would drop. I hope this answered your question.

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