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If your daughter's boyfriend is in the military and neither she nor his parents have heard from him for some time how can you find out if he is ok?



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==Answer 1 == First, there is a very old saying that says, "sometimes no news is good news." You do not mention whether or not he is in combat. Combat or not, usually the US Army will notify next of kin, as identified in their records, for death and/or serious injury. Therefore, just because no one has heard from him, is not necessarily cause for alarm. It is very insensitive of him to not make an occasional phone call, letter, or now an email, to family and loved ones. If you know details regarding his location, unit, mailing address, etc., you can contact your local Red Cross and ask them to make some inquiries,and attempt to get a message to him, that he should make contact with home. Often, the Red Cross system will confirm that they made contact with him, where, and that they did deliver your message. Another way would be to contact a local Army facility, and request information on how you can contact the Chaplin Service, as Army Chaplins are very sensitive to this problem and often work hard to assist family members in contacting loved ones in the service. j3h. I am retired from the Air Force and do not know a lot about the Army, but I would call the chaplain's office on the Army Post and they will assist you or refer you. Both of the above answers are good ones, but, there is always secrecy in certain combat activity and he may not be allowed to write home. Writing home isn't like he is in another city and can get the post office to deliver his mail as usual. Sometimes letters from you or from him can take up to months to reach you or him. Army Chaplains are your best bet because you will get nothing but red tape going in any other direction. Don't blame your daughter's boyfriend because he simply has to follow orders and what little time he does have is either in training or combat. If he is in combat often some depression or exhaustion ensues. It's not a party over there. Please let us know if you've heard from him. God Bless!!!