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Standard answer. READ your contract. Then go to and look up the laws. DEFAULT is default in any state. A few states have "20 day right to cure" laws that on give you 20 days to get out of default. Other than that, when you are in default of the contract, the lender can repo. Good Luck in DE.

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Q: In Delaware if you are a month behind on your car payments and they threaten to repossess it if you pay it in a week can they still come after you?
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In Georgia How many payments do you have to be behind before they can repossess your car?


Can a finance company repossess your car when you lose your job?

Only if you stopped making payments and are behind on your on your payments.

Can Ford deactivate the on board computer if you are behind on your payments?

No. They can, however, repossess your vehicle

What will happen to you if your car is 6 months behind in payments and you still have possession of the car?

The lender will eventually repossess the car.

Can anyone reposes cars?

Yes, your car can be repossessed by a company if you are behind on payments. However, it has to be a licensed repossess to be able to do this.

Can they still repossess your car if you get caught up on the payments?

Depending on the state of residence, it is possible for a lender to still repossess your car if you get caught up on the payments. Certain states allow a lender to request full payment of an auto loan when borrowers fall behind, even if they have caught up on past due payments.

How many days do you have to be behind in your payments in New York before they can repo your car?

As soon as you have defaulted on the loan, a creditor can repossess your car. So 24 hours after you have failed to pay, they can repossess your vehicle without notifying you.

How many payments do you usually have to be behind before a financial institution decides to repossess?

60 days is usual for most lenders, however, it varies.

Can you be charged with a stolen truck if you get behind on payments?

If they come to repossess it, and you claim to not know where it is, then the repossession agent will report it stolen. At that point, anyone found in possession of it is in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Can your car be repossessed if there is not a lien on your car you were not behind on your payments?

If you have no lien on your vehicle then no one has a legal right to repossess it. If you're not behind on the payments there would be no reason for the lender to reprocess the car in the first place. It is hard to believe you have a loan on a car without a lien. The car stands behind the loan. If there's no lien on the vehicle then the car is not involved in the loan and cannot be repossessed.

When can a car be repossessed in Texas?

In most instances when you get behind on your payments. The exact details of when the lender will repossess the vehicle is listed in the contract you signed when you took out the loan on the vehicle. Read your contract with the lender.

How far behind on payments can you be before santander US can repossess your car?

Typically when it comes to car repossession, a customer has to worry about their car being taken when they have missed three payments. Sometimes repossession can be held off by just contacting the company and reassuring them they will get their money.

Can a bank repossess a car if they continue to take payments?

YESIFyou are not up to date, if you are behind on your payments they can repossess at anytime. In most loans, there's a statement about late and/or partial payments that basically says the bank can take them but isn't obligated to do so and that taking one late or partial payment does not mean that they have to continue to do so.So, if you owe $200 a month, and pay $100, the bank can accept that and still repossess the car. They do have to credit the $100 towards the loan.Also, banks are usually allowed to repossess for habitually late payments. Most of the time a bank will consider this to be more hassle than it's worth as long as you're eventually catching up, but if you're chronically making payments several weeks late, they might at some point decide "this guy is a flake, we should get out of this deal while we still stand some chance of recovering our money."

Can a company repossess your car if you are making your required payments on time every month but were behind one payment from the year before?

but were behind one payment from the year before?":**** you answered your own question, didnt you? Pay them $5.00 per month on the way behind payment and maybe they will be quiet. LOL

If payment is a month behind yet two weeks ago made a full payment can they still threaten to repossess?

AnswerProbably, but if payments are kept current it would be unlikely that a creditor would take such action. When a scheduled payment is missed the account is in default even if the payment is "made up" and the creditor can exercisewhatever options might apply under the original agreement, including repossession of the item.

Can a your car be repossess if you are one month behind In North Carolina?


Can your mortgage company harass you?

It depends on what you consider harassment. They can demand that you pay your mortgage if you are behind in your payments.It depends on what you consider harassment. They can demand that you pay your mortgage if you are behind in your payments.It depends on what you consider harassment. They can demand that you pay your mortgage if you are behind in your payments.It depends on what you consider harassment. They can demand that you pay your mortgage if you are behind in your payments.

If you are only 10 days behind on your payment can the Financial Institution repossess your car?


Can making small payments on a 1 month behind note stop repossession?

That would be at the lender's discretion. Call and ask. Banks don't like to repossess and if you are making an honest effort to correct the default they will probably go along with you.

Could you lose your home if you are behind on payments and your car rolls down hill into it?


Is it wrong to threaten someone on the internet behind a blank screen?

Yes, it is wrong to threaten someone on the internet with a blank screen.

If you by a car from a used dealership and it gets repo'd do they serve papers?

When you fall behind on your payments from any place, the lienholder has a legal right to repossess the collateral, mainly the car or truck. They can be nice and warn you, or not. The only papers they may serve is the order to repossess. Most recovery agents (repo people) prefer not to tangle with a debtor and take the collateral when the debter doesn't show up. As long as they call it into the police to protect themselves and they have an order to repossess the goods from the bank, that's it.

You sold a car in a private party sale in which the buyer agreed via written contract to make monthly payments and they now owe 380 and are 4 months behind-how do you repossess in Texas?

You locate the car and remove it from the possession of the default debtor.

Can a bank demand the entire loan balance in full if you are 2 months behind on your car loan they are demanding the entire 13 payments I have left or they will repossess this week is this legal?

Check your copy of the contract that you signed for the loan. If this action for failure to pay is in the contract then they can do it.

If you are paying can they reposses?

Vehicles are put up for repossession in self-help states only after the loan has been defaulted upon. Provided you have made all of your payments, and these payments have been on time per the contract, then no. However, if you have ever been late on a payment, and you fall behind at anytime, the contract in most cases has been defaulted, and repossession may proceed. That a lender does not repossess every time a borrower falls behind is a testament to two things: one, it is an expensive and complicated process to repossess a vehicle; and two, they understand that people fall behind and are willing to allow people to pay current. Their interest afterall is the contract. They do not really want your vehicle; they want the payment.