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The Gadsden Purchase saw the purchase of land from Mexico by the United States. Most of the land acquired from this purchased exists in southern Arizona just below Phoenix. The remaining land exists in New Mexico.

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Most of the land of the gadsden purchase is found in which state?

Arizona, but a small section of such purchase is present-day south New Mexico.

Which was the first state after Mexico to be created from land acquired?

The Gadsden Purchase was the first state after Mexico to be created from the land acquired.

The land that was purshased by Mexico in 1853 became part of what state?

Arizona and New Mexico. Such land purchase was known as the Gadsden Purchase.

What is the Gaden purchase?

the gadsden purchase is land that the u.s. bought to build railroads

What was the gadsden purchase and why was it important?

The Gadsden Purchase was the United States' land acquisition from Mexico in 1853. The U.S. paid $15,000,000 (including $3,000,000 in claims of American citizens) for the 45,535 square miles of land that became the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico. The purchase was made by James Gadsden, for who the purchase was named after.

What strip of land Mexico southern edge of the present day state of?

New Mexico and Arizona, known as the Gadsden Purchase (1853)

Why did the US buy the Gadsden purchase?

It was good land to build a railroad on.

What was the piece of land the US purchased to build a railroad?

The Gadsden Purchase

Why did the US want the land in the Gadsden Purchase?

For railroad right of way.

Why did the us need a little bit more land from the Mexico?

You mean the Gadsden Purchase? The original objective of James Gadsden was to acquire land for a transcontinental railroad.

The gadsden purchase was purchase from who?

The Gadsden Purchase was from Mexico. (Gadsden Purchase was buying a strip of land along the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico) the US paid Mexico 10 million for this. With this, the US got to be its present size. Hope this helps you! sources: the American journey textbook

Why did America buy the Gadsden purchase?

It was good land to build railroad tracks on.

What was the purpose of the Gadsden Purchase in 1853?

The land was needed for a southern transcontinental railroad.

Because of the gadsden purchase the US acquired territory from what nation?

The Gadsden purchase allowed the US to acquire land from Mexico in the present day states of Arizona and New Mexico.

What purchase from Mexico completed the 48 continental states?

The Gadsden Purchase from Mexico completed the 48 continental states. The purchase of this land was needed in order to build the transcontinental railroad.

What was the US purchase from Mexico called?

Gadsden Purchase. It was done largely to get land needed for a southern railroad line.

What land was gained in the gadsden purchase?

It included today's southern New Mexico and Arizona.

What was the name of the act that allowed the US to obtain the land in southern Arizona?

The Gadsden Purchase.

What was the name of the 1853 transaction when the United States purchased land from Mexico?

Gadsden Purchase

Why did the US make the Gadsden purchase in 1863?

to gain land for a railroad across the continent

Land purchased during the pierce administration along the Gila river was referred to as what?

This land was called the Gadsden Purchase.

What do we call the land that the U.S. Bought in 1853?

The land the U.S. Bought in 1853 is called the Gadsden Purchase

How many years passed between the Louisiana Purchase and Gadsden Purchase?

50 years. The Louisiana Purchase was in 1803. And the Gadsden Purchase was in 1853. Many political and US business leaders believed the transcontinental railroad would begin in New Orleans and reach California. The Gadsden Purchase offered land by which the rail link would travel.

The gadsden purchase was land that was owned by Mexico?

Yes. The Gadsden Purchase (1853) included parts of present-day New Mexico and Arizona; specifically the Mesilla Valley which is located south of the Gila River.

How was Gadsden Purchase acquired?

U.S and Mexico treated on a small piece of land to give to the u.S