Is Anti-Semitism still a problem in today's society?

Certainly. It is mostly an issue in places where there are large numbers of both Jews and Anti-Semites, such as France, but it occurs elsewhere too. Anti-Semitism is much more common in the Islamic World than elsewhere.

A few recent examples:

  • In Poland, 48 percent of the population shows deep-seated antisemitic attitudes.
  • "In Hungary, Jews can feel the hatred in the streets."
  • In the Pine Bush school district in upstate New York, Jewish students were being bullied, beaten, taunted and harassed while authorities looked the other way (New York Times). According to ADL polls, 35 million Americans hold anti-Jewish attitudes.
  • Antisemitism has increased in Europe since 2000, with increases in verbal attacks as well as vandalism such as fire bombings of Jewish schools, and desecration of synagogues and cemeteries. These incidents take place not only in France and Germany, but also in counties like Belgium, Austria and the U.K.
  • Recent physical assaults against Jews in Europe include beatings, stabbings and other violence, in a number of cases resulting in serious injury or death. Holland and Sweden have also had high rates of antisemitic attacks since 2000.