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Is Japanese or French manga available in India?

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Till now french manga is not available in India, But if you want I can suggest you something or send you some link....and I think after thius year one of the Most famous |French manga..............Dofus manga will be available in India...

Yes My email id is


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What is the word 'manga' when translated from Japanese to French?

The French call it La nouvelle manga or just nouvelle manga

How popular is Japanese manga in India?

Manga is not very popular in India. Few people know what it is. But there are still quite a few fans. There are manga available in the graphic novel sections of most book stores published by Del Ray and Tanoshimi.

Is this french translation correct?

Since "manga" is a word taken from the Japanese language, it would also be "manga" in French.

Is Doraemon is from Japan or India?

Doraemon is absolutely from Japan. It is a Japanese manga series.

Raw Japanese manga?

manga in japanese

Where do you read Japanese manga?

you can read Japanese manga anywhere at the library or you can order Japanese manga

Is manga Chinese or Japanese?

Manga is almost exclusively associated with the Japanese .

Why is 'manga' called such?

it's because manga is a Japanese word that means "Japanese comics".

How do you say manga in Japanese?

You also say "Manga" in japanese, because the word manga comes from Japan^^

Is the anime Tegami Bachi only in Japanese or is it in English too?

Tegami Bachi is also a manga; but the anime is only available in Japanese.

Is their any lolicon website you can download eng manga?

English Manga is available in print and on the Internet. Manga is a type of Japanese cartoon that is very popular in Japan and many other countries.

How many ova episodes is there of Prince of Tennis?

Prince of Tennis is a Japanese manga created by Takeshi Konomi. There are 27 episodes of the manga available on OVA.

What is h-manga?

H-manga means hentai-manga. Hentai means perverted in Japanese, so... H-manga is a Japanese comic that contains pornographical stuff.

Is there any place i can read naruto manga chapters ahead of the US's available chapters?

Manga stream has the latest Japanese released chapters, translated into English

Where can you read Japanese manga in Japanese?

You can go buy manga books at Japanese stores. Go to Japan and support them.

How do you say 'manga' in French?

manga in french is manga but graghic novels are 'les roman photos'

What is manga in Japanese?

Manga consists of Japanese comics and print cartoons.To find out more about manga: read manga online:

Is a Japanese comic called a manga?

Yes,it is a manga in case your wondering an anime is animation in Japanese

Is anime the same as manga?

No. I'm a big fan of anime and manga and the difference is that anime is Japanese animation and manga is Japanese comics.

What is Capitaine Naruto famous for?

Capitaine is the French word for captain and CapitaNaruto, a portmanteau of the two words, is a well known information and fan website for the Naruto manga and anime series, for speakers of French. It also has a forum, with polls and other events, for the community with videos available in Japanese, French subtitles, or dubbed in French.

What is a manga episode?

There is no such thing as a manga episode. Manga is a japanese graphic novel. Anime is something you can watch in episodes. it is a japanese cartoon tv show.

What are Japanese comics?

Manga .

What is the language of the series hana kimi?

Hana kimi manga books are available in English, Japanese, And Korean so far. but the live action is Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean.

What is the difference between anime and manga?

Anime is the Japanese word for "Animation", and are watched in movies and TV shows. Manga is the Japanese word for "comic", although people call them "graphic novels". A lot of comics are manga style. Most people like to refer "anime" and "manga" as "Japanese animation" and "Japanese comic". The words "anime" and "manga" are both singular and plural. You can tell a manga apart from a comic because manga is read left to right, how some Japanese stories are written as.

What does a RAW manga means?

Untranslated manga. It probably refers to the Japanese manga in its original Japanese language. The same would apply for raw anime videos.