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Is Medicare primary if you are on long-term disability?


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Medicare Part A which is "Hospital Insurance." It pays as primary insurance for the long-term disability. It helps pay for inpatient hospital care, inpatient care in a skilled nurshing facility, home health care and hospice


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As long as the only reason you are covered by Medicare is because of a disability and you haven't reached the minimum age Medicare requires to become eligible naturally, then the number of members in the group health plan will determine who is primary or secondary. Group plans with fewer than 100 members are considered to be "small" businesses and Medicare would be primary. Conversely, "large" businesses (more than 100 members) will be primary over Medicare. It doesn't matter whether the group plan is provided by you or your spouse. At the time you reach Medicare's required age to naturally become eligible with them, your case will be reviewed. At that point, the group size doesn't matter. If you have other coverage provided by you or your spouse, it will always be primary over Medicare. Medicare won't become primary until both you and your spouse have retired and are no longer covered by a group health plan. Medicare supplement plans are always secondary to Medicare, but then those aren't group health plans.

Yes, Medicare is primary. Medicaid is always the payor of last resort.


If you are covered under your husband's plan and he is working, his plan is primary to Medicare. If you are not covered under your husband's plan, Medicare is primary.

We have Medicare and added on Anthem. Does that mean Medicare is primary (Paying 80 percent) , and Anthem is secondary?

If you are actively working your policy is primary. If he has medicare then it is your policy, medicare and lastly Healthnet. If he is not eligible for medicare then it is your policy and then his. If you continue to have problems call BC/BS and ask them to do a conference call with Healthnet

Yes, if you are receiving Social Security disability payments.

What is Sers disability? How long will you be disabled? Medicare might very well be advantages for you.

You may receive Medicaid and Medicare disability at the same time if you meet eligibility factors, principally citizenship and limited income/assets.

If you are on medicare you can get a disability scooter for free or little cost. If you are not on medicare, expect to pay $500 to $1000 for the scooter. Not including shipping and battery chargers.

Medicare is always the primary insurance unless someone is still working

Medicare becomes the primary insurance if you drop your employer insurance. Up until you drop your employer insurance, Medicare would be your secondary insurance.

They sell supplemental insurance to core company medical and dental plans. Can be specific plans for cancer or Accidental Dismemberment and Disability, Short or Longterm Disability as examples.

The answer depends on what type of Aetna Medicare Plan you have. If you have an Aetna Medicare Supplemental Plan, then Original Medicare pays first and the Aetna plan pays secondary If you have an Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO Plan, then the Aetna plan will always be primary as Medicare has assigned the benefits over to Aetna for processing and administration.

The money for medicare comes from payroll taxes.

Every covered life, whether utilizing Medicare as primary or secondary insurance is subject to the same, annual Medicare deductible.

Medicare is primary if your group is under 20 lives. 20 lives or more and medicare is secondary to your employer paid group plan.

survivors, disability, medicare, and retirement All of these A+

No. Medicare begins at 65 (earlier if one is receiving Social Security disability benefits).

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