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Mexico is a country, New Mexico is a state, The capital is Mexico D.F, of Mexico (the country)

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Q: Is Mexico a city or a state?
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Is Mexico City and New Mexico the same?

no new Mexico is a state and Mexico city is a city in Mexico

What is the state of Mexico and the city name?

Mexico City

What is Mexico's national state capital?

The national state capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico City was separated from the state of Mexico on November 18, 1824.

What state is Mexico City in?

In the Distrito Federal. Greater Mexico City also extends into the state of Mexico.

Which city is the warmest city in the state of New Mexico?

The warmest city in the state of New Mexico is : LOVING

What is the city of the state in tabasco Mexico?

I guess you mean the capital city of the state of Tabasco in Mexico. It is the city of Villahermosa, close to the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the state capital of Mexico?

It is Mexico city.

Is Mexico City or land?

"Mexico" is the name of a city, a state and a country.

Is Mexico a state or is it a city?

It is the name of a country, a state and a city.

Is Monterrey Mexico a state or city?

Monterrey is the capital city of the state of Nuevo Leon. It is located in the northeast part of Mexico.

Is Mexico a city or a county?

"Mexico" is the name of a country, a state and a city: Mexico the country - south of the United States, bordering California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Mexico the state - there are two of them: New Mexico, a US state and Mexico, a state in central Mexico. Mexico City - capital of the country of Mexico. There are also other cities named Mexico both in the country of Mexico as well as on the United States, such as Mexico, Missouri or Mexico, Florida.

What cities in Mexico start with the letter I?

Ixtapaluca is a city in the State of Mexico in Mexico.

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