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In my opinion, Honda civic is good car to buy because it has been designed to be compact and economical while being fairly luxurious.

One downside is Civics, at least my 2002, is expensive to insure, as compared to the same policy on my 2001 Toyota Sienna van and 1997 Mazda MX-5.

A Corolla might be cheaper to insure based on the average age of the drivers who buy them, as it may be higher than the Civic.

When buying a used Civic, or most any front-wheel drive car, there are several expensive items that you should ensure have been taken care of:

1. Timing belt & water pump: costs about 500-700 to replace. Belt must be done every 60-90k miles, as I recall. The Corolla has a timing chain, so it will probably last the life of the car in normal circumstances. If the belt breaks on the Civic, it can do damage to the engine as it is an "interference" design.

2. CV boots and joints: these come out of the engine and to the front wheels to turn the front tires and make the car go. They attach to the "half shafts". The CV (constant velocity) joints do wear out eventually, and are protected by rubber Accordion like boots. If the boots are ripped, dirt had probably gotten into the CV joint, causing it to wear out early. I think CV joints cost about $300 to replace for one axle, and there are 2 axles on a front-wheel drive car.

3. Front shocks: can cost several hundred dollars to do on any front-wheel drive car that has McPhearson Strut suspension, which almost all have. Bounce the front of the car by pushing on the bumper - if it bounces more than once or twice after you stop bouncing, the shocks are probably going bad.

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Do you think a Honda Civic with 10 thousand km a good buy?

Yes it is a good buy. My Honda civic has over 500 000 km and it still runs like a dream

Where can one buy parts for a Honda Civic 96?

There are many places where one can buy parts for a Honda Civic 96. The best places to buy parts would be at a local car parts store or at a Honda dealership.

Where can one buy 2010 Honda Civic around London?

One place to look for a 2010 Honda Civic is at a Honda dealership. There are many of them located around London and they should have this vehicle to buy.

What kind of safety ratings did the Honda Civic receive in 2009?

The 2009 Honda Civic received high performance ratings. The 2009 Honda Civic is quiet and smooth riding and excellent on fuel. The 2009 Honda Civic was given outstanding safety ratings. The 2009 Honda Civic is one of the most reliable cars to buy.

How do you replace front passenger door 97 Honda Civic?

Buy a new car. Who wants a Honda Civic? You should treat yourself.

How do you replace a 93 Honda Civic?

Buy another one!

Where can one buy a new Honda Civic?

When looking to buy a brand new Honda Civic then it may be possible to buy one online directly from the Honda website. Buying directly would give the customer the most accurate specification details for the model of Honda that they wished to purchase.

How to replace rear main seal 1999 Honda civic?

Buy New 2009 civic Hehe

Where could one get replacement seats for a Honda Civic 2001?

A person could buy a replacement seat for a Honda Civic 2001 from the website Auto Parts Warehouse, JC Whitney, and the Honda Parts Store. One can also buy from the official Honda estore.

Where would it be possible to buy a new set of brake pads for a 2009 Honda Civic?

The Best place to buy a set of brake pads for a 2009 Honda civic in on the Honda internet site. There are also many other sites in which you can find Honda brake pads for.

What reasons are there to buy a used Honda Civic?

There are many reasons to buy a used Honda Civic, the best reason is that Honda comes with a pre-owned certified warranty. The car is certified that it is in great working condition, so no one has to worry.

Where can you buy a DRL module for a Honda civic 2002 lx?

You can buy a DRL module for a Honda Civic 2002 LX at most auto part stores. Salvage yards also carry the item.

Where does one purchase a cheap 94 Honda Civic?

A cheap 94 Honda Civic can best be bought with the help of a local Honda civic owners club. They can give you good tips on the weak spots an most of the times have members selling cars. You can also check online or buy some car selling magazines like Autotrader.

What causes a Honda Civic to stall?

There can be many causes for a Honda Civic to stall. Some of them include a bad fuel pump, a bad alternator, a bad distributor, a clogged air filter or idle air valve. Buy a Honda Civic Service manual for more information. do it myself Honda civic repair

Where is the thermastat located on a 96 Honda Civic?

Follow the bottom hose from your radiator to the other end. It should end up going into a device that's bolted onto the engine block - that's where your thermostat is located. Buy a Honda Civic Service manual for more details. Good luck! do it myself Honda civic repair

Increase horsepower in your Honda Civic?

get rid of that car nd buy a corvette

Where can you buy a CV Joint for a Honda Civic 1998?

Where can one buy a 1995 Honda Civic?

One can check with his or her local Honda dealer to see if they are selling a 1995 Honda Civic. One can also check Auto Trader, Craigslist, Yahoo! Cars, and Carmax.

Oil pump torque Honda civic?

buy a manual or go to pro, cheapskate

Where to buy used Honda Civic cars?

Any Honda dealership should have some used Honda Civics. Since the Civic is such a popular model, it may also be found at some independent dealers such as Auto Trader and Carmax.

Who would someone need to buy a new Honda Civic carpet?

Someone would need to buy a new carpet kit for a Honda Civic if the old one is bad. These can be purchased at Amazon, eBay, and Parts Train on their e-commerce stores.

Where can one buy a Honda Civic exhaust?

There are a number of places where one can buy a Honda Civic exhaust. Local second-hand car dealers and scrap yards, specialist car shops and retailers, as well as, various online auction sites.

How do you unlock your 98 Honda civic at home with no special tools on hand?

buy a slim Jim

How much do you gap the spark plugs on a 94 Honda civic dx?

buy a gapper and .044

How do you fix a starter for a 2007 Honda civic?

You buy a rebuilt starter and then repace the defective one.