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You can buy a DRL module for a Honda Civic 2002 LX at most auto part stores. Salvage yards also carry the item.

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Q: Where can you buy a DRL module for a Honda civic 2002 lx?
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What does it mean when the DRL from the front panel is flashing ina Honda Civic LX 2002 especially when you start the car?

You probably need a new DRL module and/or DRL relay.In some instances the module is fixible.

What Does the DRL light in the Honda Civic 2002 mean?

DRL - Daytime Running Lights

Where is the drl module located in a 2003 Honda civic?

under the dash (left hand side), behind the hood release

Where is drl module on 2002 acura 1.7el?

The DRL control module is located under the steering column on the left hand side!

What does it mean when DRL lignt comes on in Dash board of Honda Civic 2007?

Your daytime running lights (DRL) are on.

Where exactly is the DRL module in a 2002 Honda Odyssey I have looked on the driver side and found a few modules but none say DRL?

Open the glove compartment, look past the center of the box, attached to the dash interior. You'll see a blue plug connected to a black box.

Why is the DRL on a 2001 Honda civic always on?

Could be a Canadian Civic(?) Could be a broken light switch on US Civic - the parking lights include a small white light on the front.

Location of DRL module of 1992 Honda prelude?

Beside the ECU under the passender side carpet

Where is the drl module on a 2002 tracker?

on the right side of dash black circle comes out is it

Where is the Drl module on the 2001 Ford Escape?

The DRL Module is located at the LH Rocker Panel left of the brake, under and just below the dash. The DRL Module and the DRL Relay are side-by-side.

What does a drl module do?

A ( Daytime Running Light ) module

Does a 2002 dodge caravan have a daytime lights module?

Normally only ones built for sale in Canada have DRL.

What is a drl module?

A DRL module controls the daylight running lights found on many newer and Canadian cars.

Where is drl module for Chevy epica located?

The drl module on chevy epica 2004 is back to the data link connector

Buzzing sound with drl light in a Honda civic?

yeah i get that too still trying to figure out what caused that but i believe it all started when my car battery died

Where is the drl module located on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The DRL module is located at the left side of the Windshield Washer Reservoir(when facing it).

How do you disable drl on 2003 Honda Accord?

Typically one cannot disable a drl on the 2003 Honda Accord because it is a required safety feature. To disable the drl you would have to take it to any Honda service center and have them disable the drl for you. They would have to disconnect the required attachments to successfully disable the drl without compromising the rest of the mechanisms.

Where is the drl module located on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

DRL Module is located under the fuse box on the right side fender on a 97 Grand Cherokee

How do you fix a faulty DRL module?

DRL modules are like fuses...they are inexpensive, & usually replaced, not repaired.

Where is the drl module located for a 1996 chev s10 pu?

The drl relay is located in the back of the glove compartment.

Where is drl module in 1990 acclaim?

DRL is located under the left front fender skirt, just in front of the wheel.

Where is the daytime running light module and relay located in a 1997 astro van?

The DRL module is a grey box with a small circuit board inside. The module is electrically taped to the main wiring harness right next to the fuse box located next to the emergency brake on the driver's side of the vehicle. The DRL relay is located a little lower to the right of the fusebox on the driver's side near the emergency brake. Please be aware if your DRL do not work (as mine have not for years), I have troubleshot the DRL module at a cost of $65 for replacement, and I have troubleshot the DRL relay. Also, I have troubleshot the diodes and fuses and continue to have no success with DRL on my vehicle. Anyone with any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Where is the DRL module on a 2000 Subaru Impreza?

The daytime running light (DRL) module on a 2000 Subaru Impreza is located in the engine compartment. It is on the right side as you are facing the windshield near the main fuse box.

Where is the DRL module located on a 2000 Mustang?

I dont know

How do you disable the DRL's on a 2005 Chevy Aveo LS?

Under the dash directly above the gas pedal, find the black relay/module that has an upsidedown white label that says "Hamsar". Disconnect the wiring harness that leads to this module. POOF!! no more DRL's. As far as I can tell this affects the DRL's and nothing else.