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Never heard of a ceramic pool.

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Q: Is a ceramic or concrete pool better?
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Is a concrete pool or vinyl pool better in Northern Kentucky?

A concrete pool is better any where if it is done professionally.

Is a vinyl or concrete pool better to install in New Jersey?

A concrete pool is better just about any where unless there is a lot of ground movement.

How can you remove concrete residue from ceramic floor?

If you let the concrete dry on the ceramic, they have bonded. You can try to chisel it loose.

Is a concrete or fiberglass pool better?

Fiberglass is because concrete will crack Yes I agree also, because we had a concrete pool when I was growing up and we were always repairing leaks, maybe the pool was just bad, but now that we purchased a fiberglass pool. We love the pool and it does not require much maintenance. We're going on 6 years with the pool and it still looks new.

What kind of pool is better a liner pool or a concrete pool?

Generally, a liner pool is cheaper to install and operate, especially in areas that may freeze in the winter. Hatawa

Is concrete or the pea gravel version of concrete better for a pool deck?

Pea gravel can be harsh on the feet at times. Recomend Concrete w/ broom finish.

Is fiberglass steps better than concrete steps for an in ground pool?

No, because fiberglass can make you slip unlike concrete steps

What is better a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool?

A concrete pool keeps looking better for longer and will outlast a fibreglass pool. Fibreglass pool maufacturers offer guarantees of between 10-20 years. This gives some idea of the longevitiy of fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools have the following advantages: 1. Easier to install than concrete pools 2. More inert to chemicals and thus require less maintenance and cost than concrete pools 3. Easier to clean than tiles pools

Is concrete pool better than vinyl pool?

Concrete retains heat better and it a more permanent solution. Vinyl is often like a bladder to hold the water within a tin frame. The layers are so thin that heat retention is negligible and therefore not an optimal solution for a heated pool.

Are concrete or steel walls better for an inground swimming pool?

Steel walls are currently the lowest quality wall for a swimming pool, with the exception of Cyprus wood (if still available). Concrete (not gunite) is superior to any other wall, but a pool with concrete walls generally also has a concrete bottom. In other words, it is a concrete swimming pool. The most popular wall today for vinyl liner pools is fiberglass and, with the possible exception of concrete, is the best possible choice.

What is the difference between concrete and ceramic pools in terms of quality price and maintenance and which one is better for a desert climate?

Concrete would be better for desert climate i live in Vegas and i love mine.Concrete would be the best for all your qustions.

Can you use ceramic tiles for a pool?


Can you use salt in a concrete pool?

Yes, there is no problem with using salt in a concrete pool.

Is a gunite pool better than a vinyl lined pool?

All day long. Concrete pools have real tile instead of the fake liner tile look. You can update a concrete pool later on as styles change: with vinyl it's final.

Which is better for heavy loads ceramic or metalic brake pads?

Ceramic is better.

Is there anything that can be put in your pool to redye your concrete pool dark blue?

There does not appear to be anything that can be put in your pool to redeye your concrete in the pool dark blue. This can only be achieved by draining the pool and painting the concrete a dark blue color.

Is there a roll on ceramic for swomming pools?

There is a Glazed roof tile roll forming for ceramic swimming pool.

What is the best way to put ceramic tile on concrete?

With thinset.

How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?

by taking the liner away!

Is it possible to change a concrete pool into a liner pool if your inground concrete pool has cracks along the side down near the bottom?

Yes it can be done

What type of material do you use to repair cracks in an in ground concrete swimming pool?

a concrete pool A: Visit your local pool store for professional advice.

What pool is best?


Is a concrete or vinyl pool better suited for New Jersey's weather and soil?

Yes if there is not a lot of movement in the ground

Are porcelain light sockets better than ceramic sockets?

Porcelain is a ceramic material, and because of this, the question "devolves" into something akin to, "Is a ceramic light socket better than a ceramic one?"

Is Porcelain better than Ceramic?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic. There is currently a lot of hype in the designer industry making people think that porcelain is better than ceramic. it is the same product in a pretty strict sense as it is still a fired clay product. if either product is installed correctly you don't have to ever worry about the tile. installed incorrectly is the only time it will crack or break. ceramic or porcelain is tougher than a concrete floor.