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Is a whirring sound from a fuel pump normal or is it malfunctioning?

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Just be glad it is making a noise. that is a sign it is working.

2015-07-16 18:11:25
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How do you tell if the fuel pump was bad or going out in a 1994 cadillac sedan deville?

When you turn the ignition to ACC or On you'll hear a buzzing or whirring sound. If this sound isn't heard you'll have to drop the fuel tank and replace it. Get it done by a proffesional.

What is whirring noise in 2003 Chevy Avalanche?

the fuel pump

How do you diagnose a bad fuel pump on 97 Grand Caravan?

Turn the key to the on position without starting the engine, listen closely or have a helper listen to the rear driver's side, where the fuel tank is. When the key is turned then fuel pump comes on, making a slight whirring sound. If there is no sound at all or something more than a slight whirring sound, it's probably about time to replace it. Also, if it takes a long time cranking to turn over the pump may not be building pressure properly.

1999 Chevy silverado you put new fuel in and try to start the truck but the truck want run?

Try checking to see if your fuel pump comes on. To do this all you have to do is remove your gas cap and it's easier if you have somebody there to help you with the next step. Get in the truck and turn the key to the on position not running, then see if the other person can hear a whirring sound in where you removed the gas cap. If you do not hear a whirring sound then it's time for a new fuel pump, and if it is you have problems elsewhere.

Why does my fuel gauge bounce around?

Your fuel sending unit is malfunctioning.

How do you pressurize the fuel lines on 2000 ford escort ZX2?

If the fuel pump is working it will presssurize itself. Any air in the system will dissipate through the fuel pressure regulator and the injectors. You should hear a whirring sound when the fuel pump comes on at engine startup. If you don't you don't have any fuel pressure. Check the relay and the fuse.

Why would a fuel pump on escort go wrong again within a week of relpacing it?

Probably the fuel filter is clogged and there was never anything wrong with the pump to begin with. Can you hear the pump making a whirring sound when you turn on the ignition. If so, the pump is all right and it is the fuel filter that is clogged up.

Is it normal to hear a sound from the fuel pump?

Normally only a very minor whir.

What do the warning lights mean on a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero?

The yellow fuel dispenser is an indication that your fuel is running low. The red battery is an indication your charging system is malfunctioning. The red water symbol is an indication your cooling system is malfunctioning.

Does old oxygen sensor effect gas mileage?

If it is malfunctioning it can affect fuel mileage.

Will a new o2 sensor help with fuel economy?

If the old one is malfunctioning, yes.

Where is the Fuel Pump located on a 2001 Cavalier?

The fuel pump is located within the gas tank. It is the gas that keeps the fuel pump cool. This is why you should not run your fuel tank empty, or the fuel pump will burn up and will have to be replaced. The correct method to test to see if it is your fuel pump that is malfunctioning is to leave the car door open and simply place your key in the ignition and turn it on. You should hear a high pitched whirring sound from under the rear of your car. That is your fuel pump turning on and powering up. No sound and it may be dead. The correct method to replace it is to drop the fuel tank and then it inserts from the top. Most, however, lift out the back seat and cut through the sheet metal under the rear passenger's seat to expose the fuel pump location and change it out in this fashion. Then they bend the metal back down and seal it up to make it water proof and to keep out any fumes. Instructions for replacing the fuel pump are on the web if you search for them.

How do you check the fuel delivery to the injectors from the fuel pump on 92 maxima?

first have an assistant turn the ignition switch to the on position and listen for the whirring sound from fump pump, indicating pump is operating. If fuel pressure is in question you can install a tee fitting between fuel filter and fuel line and purchase a fuel pressure gauge to connect to the tee fitting. fuel pressure should be at 43psi with key on engine off, and 34 to 36psi with engine idling.

Is it normal for fuel pump noise when a 2000 Buick lesabre is started?

What you are hearing is probably the compressor for the load-levelling shocks in the rear of the car. That sound is normal.

What vowel sound do fuel have?

what vowel sound do fuel has

Is my 1985 iroc fuel pump bad or is the filter clogged its whirring car is starving for fuel and stalls?

Could be either. Start with replacing the filter then if it still has trouble do a fuel pump pressure and leak down test.

Why will the starter motor not start a Toyota Celica?

It depends if the starter is turning the engine over and its not starting the problem is not with the starter its with your ignition or fuel system most likely, If your start is making a whirring sound then its not making contact with the flywheel and you probably need a new starter

Why does your 2000 Chevy cavalier z24 have a ticking sound?

If the ticking sounds like a "normal" ticking, it is probably the fuel injectors.

Why is your fuel gauge stuck on full 97 ford explorer?

The 1997 Ford Explorer fuel gauge can be stuck on fault because the fuel float is malfunctioning in the fuel tank. The fuel gauge fuse might be blown.

1990 Jeep Cherokee which has an inaccurate fuel gauge?

A 1990 Jeep Cherokee malfunctioning fuel gauge can be caused by a broken ground wire. The gauge will not function if the fuel float in the fuel tank is broken.

Why is my 2004 Kia Sedona not getting gas?

Check that the fuel pump fuse is good. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank. The fuel pump roll over switch may need to be reset. The fuel lines may need to be purge of air. Fuel pump may have to be replaced. If you turn ignition key on first before starting listen for a whirring sound that usually indicates the fuel pump is operating. If so check the other tasks first. Good Luck.

You just had your fuel tank replaced and now your check engine light just came on What could be the problem?

Probably the fuel pressure sensor malfunctioning...

Does the egr valve have anything to do with the gas mileage?

A malfunctioning EGR valve can definitely lower fuel economy.

Why are your cylinders full of fuel on your vg 30 engine?

I am not familiar with a vg30 but if it has a carburetor the float fill valve is bad, and if it is fuel injected the fuel pressure regulator, or the injector circuit is malfunctioning.

How do you fix a malfunctioning fuel gauge on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

Usually the fuel level sensor in the fuel pump. ANSWER A 1993 Ford Explorer also has a 15 amp fuse in location # 17 for the fuel gauge