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Yes, any activity that raises your heartrate for an extended time is good for you. It burns fat and creates muscle mass.

I agree with above answer...I have found that playing Wii Basketball and the sports fit games are fun and do much of the same that playing in/out door basket ball does by keeping your heart rate up.

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What is generic cardio?

Generic cardio is a workout that is very basic. This type of workout will be monotonous and wont do your body much good.

Whats the best cardio equipment?

The best equipment for a cardio workout are treadmills, eliptical machines, and exercise bikes. You can simply go for a run for a good cardio workout, too.

How can I get a good cardio workout?

P90X is a great cardio workout. It allows you to work at your own pace and stop if you need to. Then when your heart is healthy, you can pick up the pace for an intense workout.

Why is cycling good for the body?

It's low-impact and a good cardio workout.

What is a good cardio dvd I can use to lose weight?

There are a number of good cardio DVD's that can help you meet your goals. The "Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max" is a highly rated cardio workout from the Biggest Loser trainers. In user reviews on Amazon many have lost weight.

What are some fun water games that are a good cardio workout for the body?

There are several water-based games that will be a good cardio workout, such as swimming. Alternatively, try games such as waterpolo or water aerobics.

Are ball exercises good for a cardio workout?

Yes, cardio balls can be a good cardio workout. With the assistance of the ball, a person can work on their abs, core,legs, etc, So using a fitness ball to assist you with working out is a good idea. It will help you with your flexibility, agility,etc.

When exercising should you do your cardio or muscle practice first?

I like to try and do cardio before and after my workout. I try to get my heartrate up before I do supersets in my workout. These super sets in my workout allow me to keep my heartrate up burning more calories. Doing cardio after my workout allows me to get a good cool down.

Is karate a cardio workout or strength training?

A bit of both, but I think it is more strength training or flexibility training.

Is biking healthy?

Sure, it can provide a good low-impact cardio workout.

Is swimming laps a cardio-respiratory workout option?

Yes swimming laps is an option for a cardio workout. It has many benefits since not only will it get your heart rate up it is also a very good muscle workout aswell.

What muscles do you exercise when you do a cardio workout?

It depends on what type of cardio exercise you are doing. The only muscle that will get a workout regardless of your chosen cardio activity is your heart.

What are some good indoor cario exercises I can try?

Some good indoor cardio exercises you can do you can find on a lot of DVD workout programs. The Biggest Loser cardio workout program is a great choice and so is Tae Bo.

Is it good to massterbate?

Yes, some docters think it's a good cardio workout. "Get your heart pumping" ;)

What are the health and physical benefits of basketball?

You get a great cardio (heart) lung, and leg workout. You also get to work out and have fun at the same time! :)

What is a good example of a workout program that would prepare me in becoming a Marine Officer?

You should attend some cardio based workout.

Will a running workout set be okay for a gym workout?

Running outfits are good for gyms as well if you're doing cardio or running.

Which of the following is not a good cardio-respiratory workout option?

Doing yoga stretches.

Basketball helps you how?

Basketball is one of the best sports if you want a great cardio workout. It helps you with agility, hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and helps with weight loss.

Does a rowing machine give you a cardio workout?

Rowing machines are excellent for cardio workouts, and are very demanding, but very good at burning calories.

Is it better do to cardio before or after a workout?

After, if your body can handle it. Cardio is more tiring than a workout, so play it by ear.

What kind of affect does it have on the heart when you playing ddr?

It's like a cardio workout. It's good.

What activity provides a good cardio-respiratory workout?

running/jogging swimming laps

Need to unscramble the letters vcaorrteet for getting a cardio workout by dancing to disco made them -?

Getting a cardio workout by dancing to disco made them?

Where online could I find a good cardio workout plan?

You could actually have a good cardio workout plan without using any equipment. There are exercise tips which you can read on like walking, jumping jacks, push ups and so much more.