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A physical change, of course.

A physical change includes change in shape, color, or texture.

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Is bitter taste a chemical or physical property?

Abitter taste is considered to be a chemical property. This is because the shape of the item does not affect anything about taste.

Is taste a chemical or physical property?

Taste is a chemical property.

Bitter taste is physical or chemical?

A bitter taste can be caused by a chemical. Canned air contains a chemical bitterant that can cause this. Also mercury can cause a bitter taste in your mouth.

Is taste a physical property?

I consider taste as a chemical property.

Is tart taste a chemical property of an antacid tablet?

No....Tart taste is a physical property, not chemical

Why is taste considered as physical property of matter?

It is not. It is a chemical property!

Is sour taste a physical or chemical reaction?

The taste of something is a chemical property, not a reaction.

In chemistry has a bitter taste?

Many chemical compounds have a bitter taste.

What are physical chemical properties that the bases have in common?

They tend to have a slippery feel and a bitter taste.

Does Vinegar that has a pungent odor represent a physical property or a chemical property?

Physical property. Common physical properties are color, taste and odor.

Is the taste of a substance a chemical or physical property?

Corrected:Taste is NOT a chemical property, because in most cases there is no molecular change by (chemical) reaction or chemical interaction with taste buds.The only chemical reactions IN the mouth are those involving food digestion carried out by enzymes in saliva (eg. starch breakdown by amylase), this could change the 'taste' (eg. sugar from that amylase-breakdown gives more sweet taste).Maybe some bitter tastes are partly (temporarely) chemical.

Why is taste a physical property?

Yes taste is a physical property

Sour taste a physical property?

Acids (pH <7) have a sour taste, like lemons; Bases (pH >7) have a bitter taste, like grapefruit.

Us bitter taste a physical or chemical property?

A bitter taste has to do with chemicals or even hormonal. Medications for instance can cause the body to not be balanced and a bitter taste can occur. If a person has a nervous stomach or gastrointestinal problems they could have GERD (which is acid reflux ... stomach acids that are forced up through the throat to the mouth. It would be highly advisable that you have a good physical and blood workup done by your doctor and let them determine why you are having the bitter taste in your mouth. In most cases it is nothing serious and medications can be given to stop this problem.

Sour taste physical property or chemical property?

Sour taste is a result of a chemical property. Certain chemicals - acids in particular - produce a sour taste when they come in contact with the appropriate taste buds. The chemical interaction of those chemicals with the taste buds yeilds a stimulus of those taste buds that the brain interprets as "sour".

Is sour taste a chemical or physical property?

A sour taste results from chemical content -- the substance triggers chemical receptors on the tongue (sometimes also odor receptors in the nose). A sour flavor results from a chemical change within certain foods, or from the growth of microorganisms in the food.

Is sour taste a physical or chemical property?

i don't now the answer to this question so sorry i could not be helpful for your concern

Is taste physical or chemical?

Taste, along with the other four senses, is physical.

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