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Is it expenxsive to replace the gasket for a transmission fluid leak?

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October 21, 2005 2:44PM

If you are talking about the Pan Gasket, here is what you do. Pick up a Transmission Filter Kit from NAPA, Autzone etc along with 6 quarts of Trans Fluid. The Filter kit comes with a new filter and a gasket. Remove the pan bolts, have a larget catch pan to catch the fluid, because there is no drain plug. Once the pan is dropped replace the filter and re-install the pan with the new gasket. Put 3-4 quarts of fluid back in transmission through the dip stick in the engine compartment "before you start the engine". Start the engine and let it idle and the trans fluid get warm. Add fluid until you reach the full mark for hot fluid. Be careful not to get to much because there is no way to drain it except by dropping the pan again.