Is it legal to rent a house infested with black mold and can the renter break the lease because it is causing health problems?

in my past experience.. i had a similar situation so i contacted a lawyer and was told what i needed to do was send a certified letter to the apartment complex stating the situation and giving them 30 days to fix the problem. if they fix the problem then you can not break the lease without penalty. If the apartment complex does not comply within 30 days on the 31st day you can move and legally can not be charged to terminate your lease. In the letter, it must include your name, address, a 30 day notice to vacant without lease penalty if the situation is not fixed.. you must be specific to what the situation is and include any other helpful information. I had to do that about 3 years ago and the apartment complex did not comply so i ended up moving and was never charged a lease fee. Hope that helps.

If they knew it had the black mold before renting it to you then yes its illegal and you could possibly sue for damages due to your health problems.