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Most miscarriages happen by 4 months. If you are having severe cramping & a lot of bleeding go see your doctor. As far as the pregnancy test. The pregnancy hormone will still be in your body after miscarriage. According to what the doctors told me when I miscarried, between 2 and 3 out of every 10 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Some miscarriages happen so fast, the woman doesn't even know she's pregnant-- she just thinks her period is late. 4 weeks and 8 weeks are the most common times for a miscarriage as they are the times when a period would have come. Most women who misacrry at 4 weeks don't even realise they have been pregnant.

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Q: Is it normal to have a miscarriage at four weeks pregnant?
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Is it normal to have cramps when you are four weeks pregnant?

yes. Four weeks pregnant is just about the time your period is due so you may have cramps.

Is it normal to get sharp pain at FOUR weeks pregnant?

No it is not, see your doctor.

What happens if pregnant women lose the heartbeat of the baby when they are in four months?

If there is no heartbeat on the ultrasound at 16 weeks it has most likely been a miscarriage.

What tests can a doctor do to confirm that you have had a miscarriage if you were only 4 weeks pregnant?

If you had bleeding at four weeks pregnant it is possible that you were not pregnant at all, you just had a period. Even if you were pregnant tests may show nothing as very little hormone would have been produced and it would soon disappear.

Can you get pregnant if you get Depo-Provera four weeks late?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you get Depo Provera four weeks late.

Is it normal that mild cramping at four to six weeks pregnant suddenly stopped and is it indicative of a possible miscarriage if the woman has had a prior miscarriage at 7 weeks?

It could mean that you have had a miscarriage, but this is normally accompanied by bleeding and heacier cramping. Everything could be fine, bit with a history of miscarriage I would avoid sex and strenuous physical activity and see your doctor. The doctor can obtain a Quantitative HCG level and then obtain another in a week or so to make sure your HCG level is rising at it should.

When can you get pregnant after D and C?

You can get pregnant as soon as two to four weeks after a D&C if you weren't pregnant. If you had a D&C to terminate a pregnancy, you can get pregnant in four to six weeks.

Is it normal to have a period for four weeks?

no thats not normal

If I am 18 and 4 weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

About four weeks ago.

If you are 4 weeks how long ago did you get pregnant?

That would be four weeks.

How can you have a miscarriage 4 weeks along?

There is nothing you can do at four weeks that will cause a miscarriage, if you want to terminate a pregnancy go to a women's clinic quickly, the early this is done the easier it is for the woman to get through.

How far along pregnant before you can find out?

Generally four weeks. You have to wait at least two weeks after intercourse to determine pregnancy, but two weeks after intercourse you are actually four weeks pregnant.

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