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When people cut too much fat from their diets, their HDL to LDL ratios can actually get worse, increasing their risk of heart attack and stroke. But there are numerous other health risks associated with cholesterol levels that are too low. (My father-in-law spectacularly "overacheived" in lowering his cholesterol levels!) If you Google on cholesterol too lowyou'll get numerous valuable hits on the first page.

Anything below 180 mg/dL increases risk for stroke.

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Q: Is it possible for your cholesterol to be too low?
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Are low cholesterol levels and high cholesterol levels as bad as each other?

It is easier to raise your cholesterol if its too low rather than lower it. So based on that I would say that higher cholesterol is worse than too low.

What is the normal cholesterol range?

Normal cholesterol readings should be under 100, preferably under 80. It is possible to get too low however. Any number over 120 should be checked with a physician.

How do you partake in a low fat cholesterol diet?

To be on a low fat cholesterol diet you need to figure out a eating diet plan. You need to find out which foods you can eat and which ones are too high in cholesterol.

Which low cholesterol diets are easiest to follow?

Easy to follow low cholesterol diets can be found at or and

Which foods have low cholesterol?

If you are looking to lover your cholesterol, oatmeal, fish and walnuts are great foods that are low in cholesterol. Beans are also very low in cholesterol.

Is there any recipes that I can cook that has low cholesterol?

To cook low cholesterol meals you need to base them off of foods low in cholesterol themselves. has over 3,000 low cholesterol meals you can try.

What are so tasty recipes for someone that needs a diet low in cholesterol?

Some tasty recipes that are low in cholesterol are foods that you already eat. All you have to do is modify the recipes and replace the ingredients high in cholesterol to lower ones or none at all if possible.

What is an example of a low cholesterol diet recipe?

You can find low cholesterol recipes at You can also try for some great recipes.

Where can I find info on low cholesterol diet online?

Low Cholesterol Diet High Cholesterol Foods - Free Online Health ... can help you to eat the right cholesterol and still keep your cholesterol down.

What is the medical term meaning low cholesterol?

Abnormally low cholesterol is called hypocholesterolemia.

What low cholesterol foods can I eat?

According to fruits, veggies and whole grains are low in cholesterol. It also states that you should look for foods low in saturated and trans fats.

Where can I find low cholesterol recipes? This website offers a wide variety of low cholesterol foods. The recipes are all free for your use.

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