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Is it safe to eat a chicken that has been frozen for a year?


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Chicken - if properly packaged and stored consistently at 0°F - should keep for up to a year and maybe even longer. From a microbiological standpoint, no bacteria would grow while it was frozen.

Of course, for it to be safe to eat, the chicken will need to be cooked to the proper temperature.

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Microbiologically, it should be OK as long as it was safe when frozen and has been kept properly frozen. It might not taste very good, but it should be safe.


This is fine as long as You don't refreezeAnswer:Chicken can be frozen for up to a year depending on whether it is cut up or whole.See Link for suggested freezer storage times.

Safe, yes. I would doubt how good it tastes, but it's safe. If a vacuum sealer was used, it's good for another year.

I do not recommend it.Its best to throw it away.

It is safe to eat 3 year old frozen deer sausage as long as:It has been kept frozen at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit the entire timeThe sausage does not have any offensive odors or flavors.

Commercially purchased raw frozen chicken is ideally consumed within 9 months.

no you can get a variety of diseases from it

Technically freezing keeps food safe indefinitely. The issue is that the quality of the food may diminish over time. Frozen food is usually good to the taste for up to six months or so.

No, as long as it is cooked before consumption.

ANSWER 1 Yes, it's perfect. I did it once and it was even better then I thought. It was over date, but good, very good. ANSWER 2 I do not agree with the above answer. Eating a 2 year old frozen chicken can make you feel very bad. It can harm your digestive system because obviously, the meat isn't fresh anymore. Keep yourself away from eating unfresh meat. Better safe than sorry.

yes, but it depends what it is if it is something like fruits or vegatables then its safe but if it is like pork or beef i recommend not to eat it if it is like chicken it should be ok to eat I wouldn't want to take the risk

It's safe ... but they won't be very tasty. Typically, you shouldn't store food for more than six months for maximum flavor.

Frozen pork can be stored safely in a freezer for up to six months. Frozen ground pork can be stored safely in a freezer for up to three months.

If you just bought it and froze it for 3 years, salomonilla wouldn't be able to grow. Espeacially if it was insulated. As long as you cook it thouroghly it shoud be safe.

If well wrapped and kept solidly frozen, Chicken will keep it's original quality for about six months in the freezer. It is still safe to eat after a year, but will have lost much of it's "original quality" by then - it should be used within six months.

It's as safe to go this year as it has ever been.

Cooked chicken should be good in the freezer for 4 to 6 months. Fresh, uncooked chicken should be good frozen for 9 months to 1 year.

I am assuming you don't mean eat it while its still frozen. If it is not discolored or freezer burned, and upon thawing it doesn't smell bad then cook it to an internal temperature of 165 degrees f. It should be fine.

Takes atleast one year as per others on the net! That is what I am going with! Saad Rawra

it doesnt matter how long the meat has been frozen for, but don't eat it if it has been defrost and forzen again! :)

If it has been frozen in butcher paper and HASNT been taken out then it will be fine! Ive done it with a 5 year old one

Just about as long as you want, but not quite. I wouldent suggest keeping it for over a year.

If they have been well below 20 degrees for the entire time, with no thawing, and are thoroughly cooked, yes. The texture will be terrible, though.

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