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Power Steering fluid is completely different from brake fluid and NOT interchangable. Don't know your car but in most cases the "brake" light in the dash is a warning light to indicate you have a serious problem with your brakes. Suggest you get it fixed immediatly. Remember, your life depends on your brakes.

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Q: Is power steering fluid different to brake fluid and also on your dash when i start car the brake light lights up what does this mean?
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Does power steering fluid have an odor?

yes, the real question is, how different is its odor from brake fluid odor?

Can power steering fluid be used as brake fluid?

No. Brake fluid is not a petroleum product. Power steering fluid is. Petroleum product will swell and ruin rubber part's brake system is full of rubber parts. You will destroy your brake system using power steering fluid.

Can brake fluid be used as power steering fluid?

No !

Can you use brake fluid as power steering fluid?


Can you use power steering fluid for hydraulic brake?

NO. In most vehicles the brake fluid is different from power steering fluid. It may work for a while, BUT is it worth taking risks with your brakes. Your life may depend on that.

Why can't power steering fluid be substituted for brake fluid?

The fluids can be a different viscosity or have a different make up. The steering system might not operate correctly, or could be damaged.

What would happen if you put brake fluid in the power steering?

Your power steering will fail because brake fluid is poor lubricant.

Can brake fluid be used for power steering fluid?

no, but if you have a auto transmission you can you can use that for power steering

You put brake fluid where power steeling is supposed to go in is this a big problem can you just take it out and put right fluid in the car was ran only 15 minutes at most?

Both the power steering pump and the brake booster operate hydraulically. Putting brake fluid in the power steering pump will not harm it since brake fluid is a light oil only with different properties. I would only worry if it were the other way around and you put power steering fluid in the brake master cylinder. Power steering fluid doesn't have the heat range or density of brake fluid.

Can you use brake fluid for power steering?

NO NO NO!!!! OMG I hope you did not try that already. Break fluid and powersteering fluid have different properties for different pressures, they are not the same thing and if you put break fluid in your power steering system you will destroy your car.

Are brake fluids and power steering fluids the same?


Is ford power steering fluid interchangeable with brake fluid?

NO ! ( My Ford Explorer uses automatic transmission fluid as the power steering fluid )

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