Is the Pal surname in the scheduled caste?

In old days people were known by their profession, village, habits, something unique to the group, hence it became part of their names which we call as Surname today.
The surname Pal came from a village names Pel which was at one time near Pakistan and India border. Those villages don't exist anymore because of political reasons.

But the people with roots linked to village Pel have their surname as Pal, some even have Paul, eg A Singh Pal, Ajay Pal, A S Paul & there are some sikhs with names as Paul A. Singh Ahluwalia or Pal A. Singh Ahluwalia which represent both the links as Ahluwalia and Pal.

These people were basically farmers and zamindars and never took schedule caste or schedule tribes professions hence these are not SC or ST.

About SC & ST, there are people in India who took SC / ST certificates to take admissions for education or to have priority to take a job besides they dont belong to these groups. Hence dont judge people as SC / ST as not all had those professions at time, but because of poor Govt system & policies in India and earning living sometimes becoming a very difficult task people took such steps