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Yes it will sound amazing get an induction kit to increase your engine sound

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Q: Is the cherry bomb muffler going to sound good at the back of the car?
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What is a resonator on a 92 dodge caravan with a 3.3 liter engine?

IT is made to reflect sound back to the muffler to cancel sound out, so the sound you hear is what dodge wants you to hear. if you take it off, your factory muffler will sound like, loud, but you can get a singel after market muffler that is quiet with out the resonator.Even a new oem muffler will be loud, so go with an after market that works alone with out the resonator. Rember its a family van. Quiet is better.

What is causing the rattling sound at the back of a 96 Z24 Chevy cavalier model?

Muffler Heat Sheild

Are cherry bombs good for a 97 Chevy z71?

To a point, exhaust systems are such a personal preference choice. What type of sound do you like? There are a ton of cat back systems for just about every car on the planet. Personally, I hate cherry bombs and glass packs. But a lot of people really like the sound. Go online to Flowmaster, Dynomax, and other companies. A lot of them have sound clips now to give you an idea of what the muffler sounds like.

What do you do if your car muffler is falling off?

Go to a muffler shop and have it welded back on or replaced

1990 z24 3.1muti port and you just finshed putting a high porformance muffler on it but theres not enough air flow going threw to make run properly what can you do to fix it?

Put the stock muffler back on.

Are muffler required on a 1946 car?

you don't need a muffler on any car but if you don't have a muffler on your car it's going to sound like a drag racer and that can bring the cops due to the noise and disturbing the peace --------------------- true you dont need them, BUT, the key is a big long resonator about half way back, mufflers do some work at keeping sound down, but the resonator is the biggest factor. I used to run straight pipe all the way back, and its loud, never got pulled over. I had a 12in resonator installed and now its a nice deep growl that doesn't get very loud.

Where is the fuel pump reset button for a 1990 Eagle talon?

its in the back by the sphincktor valve and muffler belt in the back by the sphinctor valve and muffler belt

Does a cat back exhaust include a muffler?


What are restriction mufflers?

Normally the term is "low restriction" muffler. This means that the exhaust gasses can freely pass through the muffler with little resistance. If your term is indeed restriction muffler, then it probably refers to a tuned muffler for a 2 stroke engine. A tuned muffler is one that creates a back pressure or a pulse that runs back into the combustion chamber.

How do you install a cherry bomb exhaust back box?

I'm guessing you mean a cat back exhaust with a cherry bomb muffler? It's either a bolt-on deal if you find a kit for your car, or you have a muffler shop install it, or you can do it yourself. If you look at kits for other cars you can get an idea of what you'll need which is basically everything from your catalytic converter back, hence the term "cat-back". So a new pipe from your cat to your new muffler, then from your muffler to the ex tip. Some cars are really easy, some are a royal pita. Trucks are usually very easy because they have plenty of room under there. A lowered Honda or Camero not so much, especially a V8 where you want dual ex but it came with a single ex. If the exit of your cat is 2" then plan on using 2" pipe and muffler for the rest of the system. Cherry Bomb mufflers suck, at least all the ones I've seen. Buy something like a DynoMax Race Flo, they flow so much better and sound better too. Just look thru the two mufflers if you don't believe me, the Race Flo obviously flows much better. Also avoid any muffler with louvers that protrude into the passage, they look like a cheese grater and they kill power, trust me. You want a muffler with no obstructions and a full size hole thru it. All the Cherry Bombs I've seen have a much smaller hole down the center than the main pipe is, this kills power. Basically when you look thru a muffler, imagine a fire hose blowing full blast thru it, whichever one looks like it would flow the best is the one you want. So far for me that's a Race Flow. I've seen the small versions for as little as $30, and the fat ones for closer to $80. They flow the same, but the fatter they are the better they muffle the sound plus they sound deeper and meaner.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2004 silverado?

They are in the exhaust pipe system, Just start at the exhaust manifolds on the engine and work your way back to the muffler, There will be none after the muffler. They are about 3 inches long and have 1 single wire going to them. I think there is 3 of them.

What does 2001 vw beetle wheel bearing noise sound like?

Im not sure if the sound is from the wheel bearing, but my car is making a weird sound when I accelerate.It sounds like a dying cat. Or a little bird whistling. Just got the price tag on my back right wheel bearing, $475. It sounds like a loud vibration/rubbing sound, very noisy. At first I thought my muffler was going bad.

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