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Is there a diagram for the air ride suspension on a 2001 Cadillac dts?


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2014-09-18 00:22:53
2014-09-18 00:22:53

Yes, there is a diagram for the air ride suspension on this car type. A person can obtain a diagram through the cars maintenance manual, or by asking for a print out from an auto part store tech.


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A person can reset the air ride suspension on a Cadillac Deville by disconnecting the compressor wiring harness from the compressor itself. This is accomplished by putting the vehicle on ramps.

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there is no way to adjust the ride height other then aftermarket suspension parts

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There is a ball joint on the lower control arms of the suspension that allows a rod to connect to a ride height sensor and this is how it figures out what the suspension is doing and it uses a hydraulic system to change the suspension.

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Air ride compressor, air suspension compressor, and air pump are the names used for the same device. They are used to pump up the air suspension.

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No it should not. They have a ride height switch, which cycles the compressor. You probably have an air leak in the system.

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