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The black (burn) marks show up on Gray plaster pools. White plaster pools will show up as a yellow or rust color. Remove the tabs and put them in a proper floating devise, the marks will go away in time.

Try using wet and dry sand paper on the burn marks to reduce their visibility and roughened plaster.. additionally, tablets of any size should NEVER be placed or tossed into the pool or skimmer. K

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Q: Is there any way to remove dark spots or 'burn marks' after 30-inch chlorine tablets are left on the bottom of a gunite plaster pool?
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How do you remove yellow stains caused by chlorine tablets on the bottom of a white fiberglass pool?

Stain Magnet from GLB.

How can you remove the brown stains on the bottom of a gunnite pool from chlorine tablets?

Some pool stores sell a tool just for small stains. It may have to be ordered. I think it is made by Pool Tool in Ventura, Calif. It uses a small amount of acid in a cup like device which is placed over the stain. Caution: leaving the device on a spot too long will etch the plaster and it will be worse than when you started. Tablets are not thrown into the pool to maintain chlorine levels. Use a feeder. Also do not put tabs in the skimmer. k

Would it be better if the chlorine dispenser sat at the bottom of the pool?

It probably would make it worse. Chlorine is heavier than water, so when the dispenser releases chlorine, it would sit at the bottom, rather than drift down.

Do you brush the pool bottom before or after you put the chlorine in to shock it?

I am pretty sure you should brush the bottom before you put in the chlorine, but you should check with another source because I am not positive.

If you take tablets and then are sick will the tablets take effect?

Yes, you almost never vomit everything in your stomach, but only the very uppermost liquids. Tablets usually sink to the bottom and are dissolved properly.

Why has Burnout 35 left black stains on the bottom of a plaster pool and how can you remove them?

This must be an algaecide of some sort possible a low grade of chlorine. Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY? Is this product supposed to settle on algae spots? If not , did you brush it to keep it from clumping and settling on the bottom of the pool? The black stains, possible caused by the product burning the plaster where it settled --- improper use of product. Impossible to know without seeing the stains and finding out just how you used the product. Contact Bioguard for further info.

Is it true recommended location of a chlorine room exhaust fan is at floor?

Probably because chlorine is heavier than air and it sinks to the bottom.

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Can you add chlorine straight in to a pool without a chlorine dispenser?

Sure you can use liquid chlorine and walk around the pool. You can use granular chlorine directly into the pool. If it doesn't disolve before it gets to the bottom you should brush it around so it won't stain. Never add pucks/tabs directly to the pool OR THE SKIMMER. (BAD FOR THE EQUIPMENT) They will sink to the bottom and stain.

What is the correct type of chlorine to add to a color bottom or 3-m coated pool. I was told that trichlor 3 inch tablets in a floater were not acceptable for color botom pools Is this correct?

Well, for one thing, the floater can get hung up on the top step and cause what looks like a rust mark. It also etches the plaster in those areas making the plaster very rough. It can also bleach out the color and any small pieces that are left, as the large tab dissolves, can fall out of the floater slots. There is no "correct" type of chlorine - you just have to be careful in their use. Granular chlor. , which is broadcast over the water, can, if it gets damp, clump up and those clumps will go directly to the bottom of the pool - sitting there until they disappear. So, that leaves 12.5% liquid chlorine. I would avoid other chlorines that are on the market unless they are recommended in your area. ( Calcium chloride, cal-hypo, lithium --- these are low grade chlorine compounds). One way to introduce large or "J" tabs to the pool water is to add an in line tab feeder to the system being careful to install it as per manufacturer's instructions. If you have copper plumbing DO NOT INSTALL THIS DEVICE. Probably the best, at the present time, would be to install a salt system. k

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