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I can't say anything is wrong with having the head lights on when starting the car. However I personally don't recommend having the headlights on when starting the car because you're putting a huge load on your battery and drawing current from many related engine components that are needed when you start your car. Many cars headlights will automatically come on when the engine is started but I would hope and think that these cars have some sort of delay that wont allow the headlights to pull a load from the battery until the engine is running. In fact I own a 2002 Blazer and when it is dark if you turn the ignition on the headlights will come on and when you turn the key to start it the headlights seem to drop out momentarily until the engine starts. I would think that the Blazer is designed for this then again to know for sure I would have to call or consult a pro.


As long as you have a good battery and turning your lights on don't affect the starting of your car then it won't cause any problems,


There is absoultly nothing wrong with turning on the head lights before u start the car because on a cold morning say 10 - 15 below this actually warms up the battery by putting a load on the battery and causing a chemical reaction that warms up the battey and thus allowing the battery the ability to start the car more effectivly. note: the battery must be sufficient for the car or it will not work find out how many amps your starter pulls and get the battery that pulls twice the amperage or cca(cold cranking amps) thisis displayed on the top of the battery labeled either ca or cca (cranking amps or cold cranking amps.)

Gee, I have been servicing cars for about 40 years and never heard that turning the headlights on when the temperature outside warms up the battery. When you are starting your car in extremely low temperatures, you want as much battery power as you can get to go to the starter. Headlamps draw the most current , besides the starter, in a car. Leave the headlamps on at 20 below for 1 hour and you will have a dead battery. Leave the lights off and everything else until the car starts,,,after a few seconds when the engine is running turn things on EXCEPT the lights until you are going to drive. Any charging from the alternator will be used to power the lights and the battery will not recover from the start correctly.

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Q: Is there anything wrong with turning on the headlights before starting the car?
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How do you turn off 1999 buick regal headlights while car is running?

push the parking brake ,before starting the engine

Why do headlights stay on with engine off on my 96 Pontiac bonniville?

If they stay on for a few minutes before turning off, it is a safety feature that many newer model vehicles have. It's to give you light for a few moments in order to get from your car to your doorstep (assuming it's dark). Usually, if you turn off the lights before turning off the engine, the lights will turn off immediately, and if you turn off the engine before turning off the lights, they will stay on to light your way for a few minutes. If your headlights are not turning off at all, your problem is probably either a faulty headlight switch, or a faulty headlight relay.

What causes a 2001 Chrysler Sebring V6 3.0 to run with headlights left on but ignition turned off even with the keys removed?

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible. If you turn off the ignition and remove the key while the headlights are on, then turn off the headlights, the headlights will stay on for 30 seconds and turn off. You can avoid this by turning the lights off before you turn off the car or by switching them on and off again.

Do you turn your headlights on before sunset?


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How do you turn off the headlights 98 olds silhouette?

Only way i know of is to apply the parking brake before starting the vehicle. I think you can turn off the headlights with the Twilight Sentinel switch. Turn it all the way down (or up) until it clicks.

Headlights must be used from?

Headlights are used during times in which it may be hard to see. In most states, headlights must be used when driving from dusk before sunset to sunrise.

How do you disable the automatic on lights on a 2000 Montana?

Answerapply the parking brake before turning the ignition/starting the motor. OK, so how do you reengage it?

The headlights must be turned on?

30 minutes before sunset

Is there anything to consider before upgrading the headlights and fog lights to more powerful bulbs on a 2003 pathfinder?

Just make sure the lights that you get to put on it is for driveing some are to powerfull to drive with on

What time the headlights are required to turn on before night in Florida?

30 mins. before sundown

How do you get the Headlights to stay off a 04 envoy while I'm at the drive in?

Set your parking brake before you turn on your ignition. This cancels out your headlights.

When turning on the headlights in a 2001 Honda civic the dashboard light does not come on do i need to replace bulb?

Before checking fuses, check that operator error hasn't turned off panel lights at the dimmer. Check owners manual.

At what time of the day should your headlights be on?

30 Minutes before sunset

What lights were used in car headlights before LEDs?

Halogen Bulbs

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Generally 30 mins before sunset

How do i turn my outside lights off but keep the radio on I can't take my Audi to the Drive In?

because of the new daylight running lights, and auto headlights this has become quite the issue. However, there is a simple solution. If you set your parking brake before turning on ignition, the headlights should stay off. I have often walked to the car behind me at the drive in and explained that.

Why would the headlights not work on dim if the fuses are good on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

If the headlights are halogen, these tend to be sensitive to voltage spikes. Before replacing the headlights, have the electrical system checked for faulty voltage regulation.

When turn on headlights in Tennessee?

Headlights are required to be turned on in Tennessee 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise, when visibility it low, and in adverse weather conditions.

The headlights to a vehicle need to be turned on at what time?

The headlights on a car typically need to be turned on a half hour to an hour before dusk. Additionally some states have laws that headlights should be turned on during inclement weather, such as rain or storms.

What to do before starting auxiliary engine?

What to do before starting auxiliary engine?

When turning you should give the proper signal how far before turning in the state of Texas?


How long before you have to turn your head lights before sundown?

Where I live it is 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise that you are supposed to have your headlights turned on.

How do you take the headlights out of a Lincoln Mark VIII?

Remove from under the hood, the side marker lights have to be removed before the headlights will come out. You also have to remove the battery and the air box.

Where can one find Xenon headlights?

The best place is to try automobile repair shops. You can find them online sometimes but the quality can't be guaranteed as with any car part. Always check with a mechanic before buying anything.