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It is said that at the Last Judgment, souls will return to their bodies, but Zombies are a fictional creation.
No, zombies are just fictional creatures. So, no need to worry.

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Technically no, but for medical imitations of zombies, yes.

Here is an explanation of scientific possibilities:

There are many possibilities for zombie-like things to exist. Not all are what you would call traditional zombies.

One is a brain parasite, the brain parasite currently is not manifested in humans. It works in rats. The parasite reproduces in a cat's stomach, so when it enters a rat, the rat has an urge to get eaten by a cat to that the parasite can re-produce.

Most people think it is absurd the parasite could evolve to humans, but it actually possible. Humans test their medicine on rats, the evolution (although a little bit of a gap) is entirely possible. Granted, we don't know how it would effect a human, and what it might do, but a zombie-like creature would be possible. But science found subjects had much higher chances of just going insane and becoming violent.

In Cambodia, a strain of Malaria broke out in a town. It killed all its victims and then resurrected them for two hours, where they would then act very violent from severe chemical imbalances. The victim would then die again, this time for good.

The strain has been contained though.

Certain types of neurotoxins can also be the result of zombie-like creatures. The poisons slow the pulse to scarily slow rates, that even some un-suspecting doctors would pronounce the subject dead. They lose memory, and most logic and brainpower.

Their movements become simple, and slowed. They even lose the ability of speech (they can however moan and make noises of sorts). Like the others mentioned above, they are still vulnerable to gunshots and psychical injuries, but have somewhat reduced senses of pain.

The only flaw in this one is that the victims show no signs of tendencies towards aggression or violence, although it may be instigated through lack of brainpower/common sense. In Haiti, there was an outbreak of this. However, it was not natural, but man-made. One man was even declared dead by two doctors and then buried. He was found wandering the village...eighteen years later. He had managed to claw his way out of the grave.

The epidemic was caused because they did this to get people to work for free on some sugar plantations.

There is also certain brain disorders and Mad Cow Disease. The diseases cause stumbling and lack of coordination. They also cause significant aggression, but can vary per subject. Victims can hallucinate. They experience dementia and seizures.

There is also no wonderful cure for this disease. But like others, it lacks in one certain field. The victims will take much less notice to pain, but once again, are still subject to bodily harm. They could bleed to death, and if shot, they would not keep walking around for the next few years without at least seeing the effects. The subject could bleed to death. Or they could die from infection.

The other bad effect of this one is that it is not contagious.

The next possibility is a process called Neurogenesis. It is a type of stem cell research. They can re-grow very simplistic brains. The brains can revive subjects. However, they have no personality and no logic or any significant source of brainpower. This is your traditional zombie. They are subject to bodily harm, but at much higher levels than most people.

They do have a higher tendency to aggression, but not always. So they most likely will just wander around and keep falling all day.

Another issue with all of these ones is that the bodies will not decompose, like a "mythical" zombie would. Injuries would still heal, but in some cases, due to weakness, malnutrition, and other reasons, would heal considerably slower.

And the next possibility is nanobots. Nanobots are currently being developed, but already are able to re-animate dead bodies for already up to a month.

This is expected to lengthen to even longer. This is your most traditional zombie here. They intercept brain signals and bring back different areas of the brain back to life. They control the brain. This could not be natural, but someone would have to start it. They can be train to re-produce by themselves though, so once its started, there is no stopping it (at least not by pressing a button). They might just farm or do working tasks, but the nanobots could be programmed to turn them into violent raging killing machines.

Since the body is dead, it will continue to decompose. Wounds and injuries will not heal. Bodily harm will not take the victim down unless it damages the body so badly, it cannot perform tasks anymore, so a stab wound to the stomach will have no effect. It doesn't need blood, so it can't bleed to death.

The victim would stumble and not be able to speak since the nanobots cannot take good control of a dead body. The nanobots are programmed, but perform as individuals, and they do not receive "orders" or "commands" from some center. The nanobots can be in drinking water, or just about anywhere.

There is also a disease called Sleeping Sickness which is ravaging many African countries. The disease has many zombie-like characteristics. The disease can be cured, but in poorer countries this is a diffuclty. Victims become dis-orientated. Their speech becomes slurred. They even have one more "classical" zombie charatceristic! Their sleeping systems switch, so they cannot sleep during night, but find it diffucult to stay awake during day.

The victim will eventually die by falling into a coma.

Mental tasks such as drawing a straight line even become impossible. However, the disease has not been known to have victims go around in mobs, or even become aggresive towards others. They do however stop eating, which although isn't eating brains, is a little closer to it. Sleeping Sickness is also even a very wide-spread disease, and like cancer, once in its latest stages it not curable. Estimates put 50-70 thousand people die from this per year.

Another one of the diseases that mimics zombies can be Rabies, but mostly under certain cirumstances. There have even be known cases of Rabies patients developing an urge for the human brain. Granted, there is no known cases of the victims acting under these urges, but they were there.

Rabies has a vaccine, but 55 thousand people a year still die from it. Those who fall sick are almost always from Africa or Asia. And the greatest problem with these diseases causes a zombie apocalypse is, like in Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty, there would have to be Zombie dogs or such. Becuase the only way rabies can transfer from human to human is organ transplants. So the zombies would most likely just go instinct without the humans even doing anything.

The condition reffered to as Necrosis is also a common way a zombie could be formed. Unlike Neurotoxins, the victim actually partially dies. And unlike the specific strain of Malaria, the victim does not die and come back to life. Most the areas of the brain actually dies. This is not just a form of brain damage though. Cells all around the body die. This does happen as a regular part of the human circle. But up to half the bodies cells just die, and the survivors are badly damaged. This does led to sometihng that can be like a zombie. The brain cannot function properly. Coordination goes down the drain because of all the damaged and dead cells.

Then, they have bruises and all sorts of psychical damage appear all over the body. And they don't heal, because they are dead. Now, the condition is not contagious and does not make them aggresive. But it absolutely kills the appearance and looks of a zombie.

And the other disease that can make people look like zombies is Leprosy. Although it is under control at the moment, Leprosy not only allows decomposition, it speeds it up. Victims basically look as if they have been dead for some time. At side effects cause them to walk in a shuffle-like fashion. Agression is missing, and although it is contagious, there is a cure. And the cure is cheap and readily available. And it was found that 95% of people of people are immune to it, naturally.

The military even developed some diseases that manufactred zombies. The United States Army and the CIA in a joint action tried to make zombies. They were soldiers who would follow instruction without questions. So the Center for Disease Control wasn't the first to check the idea out (read below for the Center for Disease Control and zombies). However, the viruses failed completely and instead interrupted peoples brain transmittions and made them attack each other.

Some scientists even concluded zombies suffered from a disorder known as Consciousness Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder. It is simply the loss of rational though and voluntary movement, replaced by stimulated aggression. Not only did the psychologists diagnose it, they did research on their brains and found they would have much more dead brain tissue in their consciounce area of their brain.

Another one of the many issues is that none of these make people want to eat other people, although some make people aggresive. Although this is a traditional zombie charazteristic, it is not necessary for a zombie apocalypse or for a zombie as long as you allow changes.

There are a number of alleged or mythical zombie diseases. Some have claims and old Fairy Tales of them, but have not yet been proven. Even if one of them is real, it would be EXTREMELY rare. The most common one is supposedly of the same family as the virus for vampires. The disease is not a hundred percent confirmed, but is by far the most likely of the bunch. And they have treated people for it in the past aswell. In 1911, a "vaccine" was created. The virus supposedly worked as follows:

  1. The infection supposedly arrives via ticks on rats. Accordingly, the virus begins to act up in 1-2 hours. From this point, the victim stays awake and sane for 3-6 hours. In this time, they experience flue-like symptons. And this is the last time in which the vaccine has full effectivity.
  2. The victim then falls into a coma. The coma lasts 4-6 hours. The vaccine can still be administered, but there is apparently no guarantee it will work. The longer the victim has been in the coma, the less likely it'll work.
  3. And then they basically just get up and do what zombies do.

Another one of the alleged conditions is called "Othrupillus Masmatus". Its supposed effects are slowing of movements and complete loss of control.

The literal zombie disease (does not IMITATE zombies, it supposedly makes them) suggested by famed zombie apocalypse author Max Brooks is Solanum, it is not proven but he had many alleged cases of it. People close to Brooks even said it was fictional, but since then Solanum has picked up momentum as a supposedly real virus.

So, to answer your question, yes they are. But with certain modifications from the traditional zombie, and in most cases, it is very unlikely to happen. Despite what some people will say, a zombie apocalypse is possible. The above reasons could un-doubtfully result in a zombie apocalypse. And the worldwide famous "Center for Disease Control" even took the threat serious enough to release a zombie-preparadness guide and even though most people still mock their decision to release the guide, the threat must be viable enough for them to commit the resources towards it.

No they aren't. Don't believe what people say about 2012, zombie apocalypses, the end of the world etc. . .

Zombie ants exist, though, they won't go around biting people. They bite, but wont turn you into a zombie yourself, your brains need to be eaten. That won't happen though.

are you watching too much dawn of the dead?

Well it could be a possibility but it all depends on the outcome

Yes: See the movie 'The Serpent and the Rainbow', which details the search for the drug that the Caribbean Witch Doctors use to 'create' Zombies.

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yes absolutley most people say that a zombie virus is a virus that kills a human and the virus makes it do what it wants and is transfered through bloodthat is where the original idea came from and im sure that decapitating a zombie will not work

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Yes they are among today. They sometimes grow off the fungus in the back of your locker.

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yes it will if dumb scientist do something dumb like the dumb people they are

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I don’t know but there is a chance if there is a person who makes it but I’m not very sure if that person exist i hope not since my friend gives my goosebumps about witches zombies and more terrible stuff

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