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Is there more than one flasher for a 1994 Chevy Corsica?


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2006-04-14 18:36:29
2006-04-14 18:36:29

Yes, they are located pretty close to one another under the driver's side of the dash. They look similar, but one is used for the hazard lights and one is for the turn signals.


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There is a flasher for the turn signals installed under the dash on the driver side. It will be just to the right of the steering column.

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In fact there are none. That's right- there are absolutely no relays for the blinkers. But, there is a flasher, which it sometimes goes bad, and needs to be replaced.

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The Chevy Corsica is named after an island off the coast of France. Besides being a tourist destination, it is widely known for its rally race. You can find more names at the MSN website.

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More than likely the Flasher Relay is bad.

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