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Q: Is your front lawn private property in Colorado Is your fenced off backyard private property in Colorado?
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Can police enter a fenced backyard if the gate is open?

Police can enter a fenced backyard if the gate is open and they have probable cause. Their powers extend into private property if there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Do you have to have a fenced in backyard for a trampoline?

No you can have them in any garden

Can they repo your car if its in your fenced backyard?

depending on your state laws but in Tennessee the law states that if there is an obstruction that either has to be moved i.e. another vehicle or in your case a fence to open, then that property can not be moved without the owners express permission

Which dog is the best dog for a house with no fenced in backyard?

a very shy one one that wont run away :)

Your Standard poodle keep getting out of the backyard?

If your backyard is fenced, try to look for the spot/s that your dog is getting under. Once you find the spots block them off with pieces of wood or wire.

Does Disney world have alligators on their property not fenced?

It's extremely likely, given the location of the park and the fact that not every body of water is completely fenced.

Do ranchers have to fence in grazing cattle in Montana?

Yes, it's against the law if you don't have your cattle fenced in on your property.

Does bunnies like guinea pigs?

Well i have a bunny and a guinea pig and i left them together in my fenced backyard and they don't like each other but it depends if they've been together from the beginning. -Moonlight0691

Can a repo person come on company property that is fenced and says No Unauthorized Persons Allowed?

Read your CONTRACT. YOU likely authorised it when you signed the papers.

Where do I report my neighbor who has his dog tied in his fenced backyard all day and all night?

If your neighbor is abusing or neglecting an animal, you can report it to the local law enforcement jurisdiction or the Humane Society. Keep in mind though that that simply keeping an animal tied in the backyard, fenced or not, is in itself highly unlikely illegal. While you may find it distasteful, others might perceive it as responsible, or simply a choice. It would be best to check with the local branch of the Humane Society before you act.

If you have sixty yards of fencing to build a dog pen in your backyard for your new puppy Oscar What would the dimensions be of the largest fenced in area possible?

15 yd by 15 yd square (educated guess???)

What are your rights if your dog killed another dog on your property?

It depends on the leash laws in your area and several factors. If your dog was in his/her yard and if it was fenced. If the intruding dog was a stray or a neighbors dog and should have been on a leash. If you dog was in the front or back yard and on a leash/fenced area.

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