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Use a code scanner to check the engine diagnostic codes. If you see any problems fix that first. If there are no issues, check fuel pressure at the fuel rail test port. If the fuel pressure is low either at an idle or when driving under full power, check and/or replace the fuel filter.

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Q: Loss of power in your 1996 34L 4X4 Cleaned Injectors What should you check next?
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Why are your injectors not getting power?

check the fuses

I have 98 Firebird 3800 V6 and have replaced the plugs and wires as well as the coil packs fuel filter cleaned the injectors but it still lacks power runs ruff. What am I missing?

Do a compression test Check for plugged catalytic converter

How can you check if there is power going to the fuel injectors on my gmc sirrea with a 305?

use a noid light set to determine if pulse is going to the fuel injectors.

Why does car lose power going up hill full tank?

check your fuel filter, injectors, catalydic converter, if it has a Carb. check it

What causes your injectors to not get power on a 1990 Nissan 300zx?

To answer the question broadly, so long as you know that the problem is the injectors and not something else, i.e. lack of spark, there are several possible electrical reasons the injectors are not getting power:I am not an expert on the older Nissans, but the first items to check would be any fuses, circuit breakers, and/or relays in the circuit(s) containing the injectors. Should a relay be bad, the contact switch will not close, and electricity will not flow through the circuit, should a fuse be blown or a circuit breaker popped, no electricity will flow either.There could be a possible short to ground somewhere after the battery and before and switches, resistors, transistors, or the injectors themselves, causing the electricity to rout to a metal part of the vehicle before reaching the injectors.Check to see if any other circuits or electrical components are operating when they shouldn't, or if any circuits will not power down or turn off when they should. If this condition exists, then it is possible that the wires in the injectors' circuits are meshing with the wires of another circuit, causing the other circuit to operate improperly, and the injectors' curcuit to not have enough voltage to power them.Finally, be sure all resistors, transistors, switches, relays, etc. have the proper continuity or resistance.If you know someone who is electrically inclined, have them check the circuitry with a DMM (digital multimeter), or have an automotive technician ASE certified in automotive electronics check it out.

Why wont suzuki carry start i have no spark or power to injectors what is the problem?

check your battery connections (maybe loose wires)

Why is there no fuel going up to injectors on dodge neon?

check your fuses if all good check to see if there is power going to the fuel pump if so then replace the pump

No power to fuel injectors on 1987 Chevy S 10?

Replace you ignition module, It controls both spark and power to the injectors. You can have spark but the module may be bad and not giving power to the injectors and the vehicle will not run.

What can be the problem on a 82 firebird 5.0 if there is no power getting to the injectors?

the computer and the ignition module give power to the injectors.

Will 31 injectors give your corvette mor power that the 21 injectors?

== ==

What should you do in a 1995 Chevy G20 van if you cant get the injectors to fire when they have power to them unless you hot wire them?

No pulse signal to injectors (bad injector relay or PCM driver circuit).

All injectors operating together?

Injectors that have a resistor in the power supply are called

What tells the injectors on a 88 bronco II to work. It has power to them but they do not open. it has fuel pressure what can i do.?

check computer and odbI codes !

How much does a fuel pump cost for a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

1)Check your fuel filter.2)Check your fuel rail assembly for any leak for gas and a vacuum for the pressure.3)Check your power to your injectors if on power then go to your fuse/relay box look for the one for your fuel pump.Then go ahead and replaces your fuel pump should cost around $30.and$120.dollar

If you have no power windows power locks or power to the moonroof but all your fuses check good what else should you check?

check the circuit braeker

What are the symptoms of bad injectors on a cummns 5.9?

rough idle,execsive smoke from exhaust ,low power could all be symptoms of bad injectors . also check the delivery pump pressure it could also cause the same symptoms

Who said the power should be check to power?


How do you repair your Lincoln mark vii sunroof it just stopped working?

Check all your fuses first Then I would check for power at switch with a test light With key on you should have power on one side of switch .If you have power going in next step is to check with switch activated you should have power out . If you have power in and out of switch chances are motor is bad but you should check for power at motor also.Hope this helps.

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee has less power than when new?

Where did you get the leaded gas that clogged up the catalytic convertor? When was the last time you cleaned the gunk out of the fuel injectors? How many miles does it have on it and have you maintained it according to the owners manual?

Mercury carpi your injectors will not fire?

i have a 92 mercury carpi i have fuel i have spark but will not start i do not have power to my injectors not sure where to start on how to get power please help

1992 cavalier injectors not getting signal and no fire to plugs?

Check the camshaft sensor. If the sensor is bad or not getting power, then the engine will not fire and the injector will not get a signal.

2.8 l Pontiac grand prix not starting no spark to plugs but power to injectors?


1990 suburban 350 5.7 weak on hills any suggestions to improve this performance?

a solid tune up plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel filter,air filter, pcv valve,have injectors cleaned by a shop.clean throttle body. check timing. see if cats are turning red when you loose power, they might be full.check for vacuum leaks. Good luck.

Why does your ford power stroke diesel loss power?

could be bad injectors

Why do you lose power at 2000 rpm and then gain power at 3000?

you should check egr valve and check for a vacuum leak