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The vent tubes in your dash are cracked wich is part of the problem ,second you hAVE A OIL LEAK.

2007-08-10 04:43:10
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What is the difference between a rocket engine and a jet engine?

-the rocket smells like yo poo and the jet engine smells like yo mama

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Engine smells sweet?

Anti-freeze is leaking in to or on to hot engine.

At times your car smells like the engine is hot?

When your car smells like the engine is hot, is the engine hot? If it smells hot and the engine is not hot, then you have coolant escaping onto a hot surface. You may have bad radiator hoses, a leaky radiator, a blown gasket, or some other problem. You need to find the leak.

Does your need transmission fluid if it shakes and smells like gas?

If your vehicle shakes and smells like gas then you have problems other than low transmission fluid. Shaking and fuel smell indicates that all of the fuel is not being burned properly, and the engine is not operating as it should be.

What causes the oil to turn brown and over heats a little?

If the fluid is murky, brown, smells like rubber, goopy, or if the fins have white, crusty deposits on them, you've got circulation problems, and likely corrosion problems inside the engine

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Car Engine Repairs?

form_title=Car Engine Repairs form_header=Having engine issues? We will help you find a mechanic to repair your engine. What is the mileage on your car?=_ Have you had problems with your engine before?= () Yes () No Have you noticed any leakage under the engine?= () Yes () No Has the car been making any knocking sounds?= () Yes () No Have you noticed any unusual smells when the car is running?= () Yes () No

What are nonfatal problems with smoking?

You smell like an ash tray Your car smells like an ash tray Your house smells like an ash tray

What does it mean when you check your oil and it smells like gas?

If engine has fuel pump mounted on the engine then it is leaking gas into crankcase.

Why engine smokes and smells after adding antifreeze to 2001 Audi?

Have you spilt some on the radiator?

Check engine light will not come on?

95 s10 blazer has a miss and check engine light does not come on and exhaust smells gassy what could it be

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Car exhaust smells like rotten eggs?

The car exhaust smells like the rotten eggs as a result of the hydrogen sulphide. This usually happens, when the engine is not serviced for a long time.

Your car overheats and smells like burnt oil why?

Oil on engine burning as engine overheats. Sort of common sense, don't ya think?

What kind of problems with Buick Century?

my 2000 buck century smells of gas from outside and air condition vent

1998 transport oil smells like gas?

you have gasoline leaking into the engine when stopped could be a faulty injector

Car heater smells like burning rubber?

A car heater that smells like burning rubber could be an indication of a belt that is slipping. The slipping belt smell can be drawn in from the engine compartment into the passenger cabin.

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