On a 1990 Buick Riviera where is the flasher unit for turn signals located?

Usually under the dash near the fuse panel or in that general are on American cars its usually a little square box and on most foreign cars are mostly round with prongs on one end.

The turn signal flaher is located on the drivers side, under dash, above brake pedal, mounted on a support bracket.

#2 : In addition to the turn/hazard/chime/etc box (drivers side/under dash above

brake pedal/attached to bracket).....there is a "turn/hazard module" at least on the

89 Riviera and others.....located in console/drivers side "behind" the CRT controller box

and looks like an aluminum "heat sink" like those on computers. This "module" has a

circuit board attached to one side. Don't know if the board can be fixed, but, can be

found and replaced with another from salvage vehicles.