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It is a drain tube for the pan housing the heater core. If the heater core leaks it will go out that pipe instead of inside your car.

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Q: On a 1990 Cavalier what is the pipe with a small rubber hose on the end on the passenger side where the AC pipes go into the firewall?
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What is rubber products?

hose pipes, rubber sheets, and cord rings

When heater is on my 1991 ford ranger blows cold air not hot?

You could just need to flush our your coolant pipes. Detach both hoses leading to passenger side firewall and spray into one of the pipes with a hose. It will come out the other pipe. This solved my problem in my '91 Ranger.

Why do you wrap water pipes in foam rubber?

We use foam rubber to stop condesation of water from the surface of pipe.

How do you insulate pipes?

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Why is water pipes wrapped in foam rubber?

Water pipes may be covered with foam rubber to stop condensation dripping from the surface of cold water pipes in warm and damp climates, and to insulate hot water pipes so the water in them does not cool while flowing from the hot water tank to the faucet,

How do you replace the heater core on a 1992 Expo?

A lot of heater cores on newer cars can be replaced from inside the engine compartment - much easier than spelunking up under the dash. Look at the firewall on the passenger side and determine where the heater hoses ( a pair of rubber hoses about 2" in diameter - one feed and one return) connect to the heater core. Most heater cores have the feed and return pipes protruding from the firewall. See if there is a panel that is removable from the firewall side - you might just get lucky. I am doing one of these in the next few days so we'll see just how hard it is.

Why do people prefer water pipes made of rubber to those made of metal?

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Where is the ac recharge port on a 2002 grand prix gt?

I have a 2003 Grand Prix GT and the AC recharge port is right behind the motor on the firewall. Look for the silver pipes coming out of the firewall right near the middle. You will see the recharge port on one of the pipes there.

Where are the two heater core lines in f150 supercharged?

In most Ford pickups you will find 2, 3/4 rubber pipes about 6" apart coming out the engine side of firewall. One will usually go to water pump or near it on the block, the other will go the rear of the block.

Where is the vacuum hose for 2001 daewoo nubira?

There are numerous vacuum pipes in your engine bay, They are thin plastic pipes about 1mm in diameter, and usually are attached to softer rubber, right angle connectors.

Where can you get a diagram of water pipes for a vauxhall cavalier x20xev?

A person needs to have the diagram of all the parts in a vehicle while owning it. A person can get a diagram of the water pipes in this car by purchasing the maintenance manual sold at most auto shops.

What material is used to protect pipes?

Foam rubber tubes will protect them from cold.It would be helpful if you stated WHAT you want to protect them from !

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