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Most likely your problem is just the switch itself that controls the speed of the fan or a fuse. These are the easiest and cheapest things to check first. You can get the swithc at a local parts store or from a GM dealer. If that doesn't work check for loose of broken wires. It all that fails replace the blower motor. Check the fuse first.

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Q: On a 1991 GMC Jimmy the ac heater and vents are not working not blowing air is this the blower if so how much does that run and how easy to fix?
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Why will the heater on a GMC Jimmy not work?

Depends on what you mean by heater will not work. If the blower motor will not work, it can be a blown fuse, bad blower motor, bad blower motor switch, or a defective blower motor resistor pack. If you mean that the blower motor works but there is no heat, then it can be a clogged heater core, thermostat stuck open, or defective heater control valve.

GMC Jimmy heater not working?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound? Temperature control cable not working?

Your 1998 Jimmy heater is blowing cold air I have replaced the thermostat and that did not help.?

heater core plugged or air locked check to see if hoses going to heater core are hot

Where is blower relay on a 1994 s-15 Jimmy?

On the passenger firewall in the engine compartment beside the heater/ac blower. It is a 1"x1" cube about 2" tall.

Where is the blower motor and heater core located on a 1993 GMC Jimmy?

heater core is behing the dash on the passengers side and the blower more same side but under the hood up against the fire wall. Its round you cant miss it.

Why do I get no heat after replacing heater core in 1995 jimmy?

Your system could be low on coolant to flow through the heater core. You may also have a blockage somewhere preventing coolant flow into the heater core. If you can hear your blower motor blowing, perhaps the dash was put back into place incorrectly and the heat is being diverted away from it's intended path.

How come the heater in a 2000 gm jimmy only works on high?

The blower speed resistor is burned out. It is located under the hood, on the firewall, passenger side, not far from the blower motor.

How do you replace the heater core on a jimmy?

How do you replace the heater core on a jimmy?

Where is the blower on a 1998 GMC jimmy for the heater?

The blower motor is located on the passenger side, under the hood, against the fire wall. It is protected by a rubber cover that you need to cut out. Look close it says CUT HERE FOR SERVICE.

How do you change a heater core in a 1998 jimmy?

Before CHanging the Heater Core, have you tried flushing it? I have a 99' Jimmy and have to do this every year to get my heater to work.

Where is the fuse for heater blower located on a 1999 gmc jimmy?

Under the hood , in the main fuse box. It should be a relay in the main fuse box , that is located under the hood.

Why the Blower motor not work on high speed on a jimmy 97?

If the blower works on slower speeds only I would suspect the high speed blower motor relay (under the hood in the power distribution box) or the switch itself. The blower speed resistor is working if all the slower speeds work.

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