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That's the OD warning light,

Check wiring, relay, Solenoid, and switch

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Q: On a 1991 Volvo What causes the transmission arrow to blink on the dashboard?
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What is up arrow on dash of 850 Volvo?

If its an automatic then your either in winter or a low gear(not flashing) or transmission fault(flashing arrow) But if its manual the non flashing arrow is the recommended time to up shift.

What is the amber arrow colored indicator light on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

If it's the arrow-shaped one in the dashboard of an automatic transmission Jeep, then it's supposed to indicate when you are supposed to up-shift.

Why will your 1993 Volvo 960 transmission not shift into high gear?

A common problem with alot of Volvo's is the Overdrive. Basically the high gear. If it wont shift into high gear it means that the "Overdrive" is activated and won't shift into high gear. You need to see if there is a little upwards pointing arrow on your Dashboard Cluster. If there is then you need to replace your Overdrive Solenoid.

Car brand circle with arrow?

The Volvo has a brand circle with an arrow coming out the side.

What car company has circle with arrow pointing out?


What does the dashboard yellow up arrow and a jeep wrangler sport mean?

If it is a manual transmission, I believe it lights up indicating that you must up-shift for better fuel economy.

What is a triangle with a circling arrow on BMW dashboard?

traction control indicator

Why does a red arrow in the dashboard flash when i am driving my Volvo 850 1995 aut?

Make sure the car is in Drive and not a lower gear when driving. It is easy to skip over drive and place it in a lower gear without realizing it.

In your 2002 Volvo s40t an blinking arrow and your check engine light stays on after getting stuck in the snow?

Most likely it indicates transmission problems. The up-arrow indicator has multiple functions, and it also serves as the trouble indicator for the transmission. It may be something as simple as transmission overheating -- let it cool down for 2-3 hours, make sure the transmission fluid level is within limits, and try again.

What company has a silver circle with an arrow point on it for its logo?

it is the car company volvo :-)

What does the arrow pointing down on waves on my Saturn dashboard mean?

Low coolant Level

What brand logo has silver circle with arrow and blue stripe a cross center?


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