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I would check the ground on the fuel sending unit

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Q: On a 1992 Ford Ranger pickup if the gas gauge works sometimes and other times it does not what could be wrong?
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My 1992 ford ranger gas gauge is always on empty even after filling the tank.what could be wrong with the gauge?

it might be a fuse

Why would the fuel gauge on a 1993 Ford Ranger stop working?

It could be the fuse, but mine is because the floater that measures for the gauge is stuck.

How do you check the fuel pump to see if that is the reason your 1990 Ford Ranger pickup won't start?

If its Fuel Injection U put a FI pressure gauge on the Fuel Rail.

How do you fix a fuel gauge in a 1996 ranger?

The Ranger fuel gauge could have several problems causing it not to work. These problems include, blown fuse, bad wiring, loose connections, or a bad fuel sending unit in the fuel tank.

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a 1985 Ranger pickup?

The ranger has a fuel sending unit inside the gas tank. These are notorious for going out. Only way to change it is to drain and drop the gas tank or remove the bed. The sending units that I have been looking at cost about $100

What fuses could affect the gas gauge on a 1992 Ford Ranger?

Looking at my Chilton repair manual engine wiring schematics ( with a magnifying glass ) for the 1992 Ford Ranger it looks like fuse # 16 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel gauge

Why does temp gauge jump up and down on a ford ranger 1990 29 xltit does not over heatand got a new radiatorwater pumpthey tell me it is a head gasket but what about heatsensoroil not foamy etc?

If not losing coolant Could be thermostat slow to respond to temperature changes Could be gauge itself check temperature with thermometer Remember gauges are just a guide they are not gospel and sometimes malfunction

Sears ranger 105-20 16 gauge shotgun?

The Sears Ranger 105-20 16 gauge shotgun came out in the 1930s. The Sears Ranger shotgun has a 26-inch barrel.

Why wont your temperature gauge on your 1984 c10 pickup truck work when it did before?

Your gauge could be bad but more than likely it is the temperature sending unit. It is a fairly inexpensive thing to fix.

1991 ford ranger engine temperature gauge don't work?

One scenario could be that the sending unit for the gauge on the engine is bad. Try to locate it and replace it if it is corroded and check the wiring to it also.

Why is your gas gauge in your ford ranger stuck on full even when the tank is empty?

The fuel gauge could be getting improper signals from the fuel sensor. The sensor is located inside of the fuel tank.

Your 1991 ford ranger oil pressure gauge doesnt work what could be wrong?

Bad oil pressure sending unit?

Why the check gages of a Chevrolet pickup S10 1998 light come up intermittently?

There could be a glitch on the computer in the vehicle. There could also be a ground in the wiring harness that goes to the gauge lights.

What is the value of a Ranger 101.6 16 gauge shotgun?

< $100

The RPM gauge keeps jumping in 2000 Mazda B2500 What is the problem?

If it's just the gauge jumping and there is no actual increase in RPM, then the gauge or the pickup is faulty. If the RPM is actually climbing as you drive, your transmission could be gearing down or your transmission is slipping under load, automatic or standard.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Ranger Model 30 shotgun serial U83694?

i have a ranger 12 gauge pump model 30 like to know what year it was made and it might be worth

Where is the Fuse for the fuel gauge on a 1994 Ranger?

According to my Chilton repair manual , fuse # 16 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel gauge on a 1994 Ford Ranger

How do you repair a non functioning gas gauge in 1996 Mazda B2300 pickup?

you need to replace the gas gauge sending unit in the tank, or your gauge is broken

Winchester ranger 12 gauge?

If you are asking if Winchester made a Ranger model 120/12 gauge shotgun,then the answer is yes.It was the economy version of the model 1200 shotgun which was made from 1964-1981.

Where can you find parts for a Ranger Model 30 16 gauge shotgun?

You can purchase parts for a Ranger model 30 16 gauge shotgun at these locations. Gunbroker, Topgunsupply, Budsgunshop, Gunpartshop and Midwayusa.

What caliber is a Ranger 101.4 bolt action?

The only Ranger 101.4s I've seen were shotguns, all chambered in .410 gauge.

Why fule gauge reading stays in full?

i have a 1990 ford ranger and my fule gauge always reads full, why?

Who manufactured your Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with serial x61604?

From what I could find your gun is made by Winchester. It should say it on your gun somewhere though.

When was 120 Winchester 20 gauge ranger made?

The winchester model 120 ranger model shotgun was made between 1964-1981.

Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge what is it worth?

The value of the Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge is determined by its condition. This model gun in excellent condition sells for around 150.00 as of 2014.