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Be sure to have the place that checks the Ignition Module to run the test at least seven times,this warms it up and helps check intermitant problems.

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Brand new battery in 1994 Chevy K1500 turns over wont start?

Have you checked the ignition control module? Have you checked the ignition control module?

5.7 1994 fleetwood cranks no spark checked to see if the ignition to distributor was hot with test light no power?

Coil? HEI ignition system?

What will make 3 and 4 not get spark?

If your question concerns the ignition on some cylinders of a motor, then faulty ignition leads or a dirty distributor should be checked.

Why does your 735i shake while idleing you changed the ignition wires and checked the spark plugs but there was no noticeable difference?

nevermind it ended up being the ignition coil

I have replaced everything involved in my ignition system but still lose spark after driving for a short period of time if you le tit sit for an hour it will restart again any suggestions?

did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity. did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity.

Why doesn't the car beep anymore when the keys are left in the ignition?

You really should get your car checked.

What is the cause of a fuse blowing on a 1995 Chevy Corsica as a result of using the heater or air conditioner?

It really needs to be checked out but it probably is the blower votor.

Service engine light keeps coming on 1991 Chevy Corsica.?

You need to have it checked for codes. If you fix the cause of the codes the light will stay off.

Hyundai Elantra no crank and than it starts?

The ignition switch could be bad if a Hyundai Elantra has no crank and then starts. The fuses which are tied to the ignition should also be checked.

1995 corsica very noisey fuel pump can here runnining while at an idle is the fuel pump bad?

it could be, you should deff. get it checked out by a mechanic

What is wrong with a 91 Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L that turns over but has no spark?

I would have the ignition module checked .

Why would nothing happen when the key is turned on a 1991 Chevy Blazer?

Probably ignition switch. Have it checked out.

According to PMCS procedures the ignition cable should be checked for?

both frayed insulation and damaged connections

What if your 91 capri won't startno sparks on plugsAm getting fuel and ignition coil is new?

Have the ignition module in distributor checked.... could solve your problem (it solved mine!!)

What is wrong with a 1998 ford escort sport if you are not getting no spark to the ignition coil or the plugs and have already replaced coil and checked wires?


Why would the ignition switch run start feed fuse blow on a ford f250?

you may have a short in the ignition swith get test checked, a steering column specialist can do this in a couple of minutes

Why would your 1992 corsica 6-cylinder be running rich and act like it was running on only 4-cyl you have checked coils and the ignition module and the ecm also put a code reader and no codes came up?

Check hard vacuum line to Map sensor, just below coils at back of intake manifold.

How do you know when the distributors are bad on a 1992 ford ranger?

The 1992 Rangers have a distributorless electronic ignition system and if the ignition coil packs are an issue the resistance of them can be checked with an ohm meter to tell if they are OK.

Why would the headlights not work on a 1990 Chevrolet Corsica if the running lights work and the light switch is good?

It can be the dimmer switch. It needs to be checked out./ A test light will check for voltage.

89 Toyota Cressida key wont turn in the ignition past the locked position?

Checked to see if your steering wheel is locked. If not, then your problem is the tumblers. Replace the mechinical ignition switch. Cause- Having too many keys hanging with the ignition key.

Why would the starter on a 1977 trans am not be getting power?

Have you checked the ignition switch on the column . I had to replace the one in my 1977 Trans Am.

Where is located coil ignition dodge avenger 96 2.5?

it is one piece with the distributor, was around$600 last i checked

Is Joe Jonas dating a girl named Sabrina who is like amazingly beautiful?

last time i checked he was.

Why would a 1996 Chevy Corsica die when engine light comes on and wont restart ontil engine light goes off but still have lots of cranking power?

My corsica did the same thing so i went to autozone and had my controle module checked and that was the problem. it has no died on me since and that has been 2 years ago...

Your ignition key is jammed in your Nissan Largo how can you remove it you can still start the car but cant get the key out?

call a locksmith he can do it,ignition switch needs to be removed and checked on my altima the same happened but there is a button on the ignition that says push push the button and jiggle the key it should come out