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sounds like your ball joints are going just the slightest bit of wear can do that squeek specially since a right turn is more common all "right ball joints" wear a little bit quicker this is a serious problem get it fized right away that squeak is a sign the ball joint has excessive play!hope this helps.

Answercheck your brake system

1.brake lines they may have been hardened not allowing fluid to pass through and forward as fast as they were from the factory

2.pads quality of pads is important harder they are noiser they'll bego with a ceramic if you can

3.calipers are starting to seize replace if needed

4. ball joints have play

also u-joints play a roll sometimes they may just need a greasingor a simpler fix take the car to a wash and see if rotors get cleaned up noise may disapear

Answersee if your tire is tight maybe ur lugs are loose
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Q: RWD car squeaks when only turning right why so?
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