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Rear brakes Chevy Silverado?


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Yes, Chevy Silverados DO have rear brakes. : ) Heres what i know about Chevy brakes. I've owned 8 Chevy pickups since 1970, my lastest is a 2002 Silverado 2500HD, the newest before that was a 85. I'm impressed with the way they've made it much easier to disassemble almost everything, however the brakes seem to be a work in progress. Having rear discs is the way to go, but from my experience, the caliper design on these trucks is somehow flawed. At under 100,000K the front and rear pads are fried, and the rear calipers seize up. I've done many brake jobs, and calipers seizing is fairly rare, however my rear brakes started seizing and I'm sure it's a design flaw. I've owned other chevys (87 Firebird, 85 Caprice) where the flex hose has separated inside and created a one way valve that won't allow brake fluid to return, which will quickly cause your brakes to seize, so I wouldn't rule that out. I read on another post that dirt entering the right rear wheel area causes the brake pads to wear extremely fast on that wheel, and that seems to be exactly whats happening to me. Replace the calipers, pads, and probably the rotors, and be ready to to it again in 2 years! For everyone wondering how to change the pads on the rear, the lower Torx T55 is the only one you need to get out, then the entire caliper just swings up to where you can work on it. The upper one (that the leaf springs block) only has to be removed if you're replacing the caliper, and in that case unbolt the 2 hex head bolts and remove the entire assembly.


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