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That depends entirely on the skill of the person doing the rebuilding and what you want when you're done. If you rebuild the larger engine or have it rebuilt for you, you could end up with more power and you could specify higher compression pistons, modified head and a hotter camshaft. For that matter, you could turn it into whatever you want. On the other hand, sometimes stock is all you want and it's good to not have to worry about making things work. It'e all entirely up to you and what you're trying to accomplish.

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Q: Rebuild a 1977 small block 400 orbuy new 350 crate engine?
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How do you fix a 97 Saturn Power Window regulator without the cost?

Easy! 1) Buy the Saturn repair book at any an auto store. That will show you the steps to taking the door trim and panelliung off. 2) Look on Ebay for a used Saturn door regulator. This may take a while since there is not always a used regulator being auctioned. orBuy a new replacement regulator on Ebay or online.3) Install it yourself from the instructions in the satrun repair manual. or Get a friend to do it and buy them beer and pizza. This should cost no more than $100 (including the booze), and you could get one used for maybe $40 with shipping. Heck, I'll come fix it for a bottle of Makers Mark.

What is the difference between a crate engine and a block engine?

All engines have a block. But when people refer to crate they mean they bought it from somewhere already built and they are refering to the crate charge from FedEx or UPS.

What size is Chevy crate engine 10066086?

That is a 350 small block made in Mexico.

Gm casting number on block 10066036 what size is this engine?

350 cu/in block used in GM Goodwrench Crate Motor. Made in Mexico.

Where is the piston ring on a Ford Escort?

On the pistons, in the block. If they are bad, it's time for an engine rebuild.

How do you wire a crate engine Just the basic starter and distributor and power to fuse block wires?

You wire a crate engine the same way you took out the old engine. You might also want to check for any sort of wires for sensors if your veichle has those.

How powerful is crate engine?

Crate engines can provide power to any type of car. A crate engine is very powerful. A crate engine is much more powerful than a regular engine as it produces much more horsepower.

What are spare parts required to overhaul an engine for a 1999 1.8 4 cylinder Toyota corolla?

For a complete rebuild? Forget about spare parts and buy a crate engine, comes complete and under $1000. Beware of used engines, they can be found for about $600 and that extra money for a new engine (a crate engine is as good as a brand new engine) is money well spent

Will a gm 572 crate engine fit into a 1972 original big block corvette without modifying the hood?


If a 1990 GMC Sierra 350 threw two rods through the oil pan should you rebuild it or get another motor?

You might want to consider a "crate engine". It probably won't cost any more. You'll always be concerned that there might be structural damage to the block and/or heads of the old engine. A good long-block from GM will give you back a lot of confidence in your vehicle.

Where is the engine number on a new 350 crate Chevrolet engine?

On a machined surface pad located on the front of engine block just under the front of passenger side cylinder head.

How do you rebuild a 150cc gy6 engine?

how do you rebuild a Roketta 150cc GY6 engine?

Where can you get a new Chevy 350 crate engine for a cheap price?

I highly recommend that you buy your crate engine from GM. Quality and cheap, are incompatible. You get what you pay for. With a GM crate engine, you will not be disappointed.

What is a turnkey engine?

Also known as a "crate engine" a turnkey is a complete replacement. The engine is taken out of the shipping crate assembled and ready to be installed.

Do I need to buy a crate engine for my auto in order to solve my engine problems?

A crate engine is a brand new engine, shipped in a wooden crate. The engine comes ready to be installed in a car. Their are many different brands and models, the term "Crate Engine" is used to differ between a "new to my car" engine and "brand new" engine. The other option is to buy a used engine from somewhere such as a junk yard.

Which Ford automobiles run on a crate engine?

Ford automobiles that run on a crate engine are vehicles referred to as muscle cars. The Ford Mustang is just one of the Ford models of cars that use a crate engine.

i have a chevy454 bb,where can i find specs for the main bearing torque?

"How to Rebuild the Big Block Chevy V8 Engine" Book has that info

Can you rebuild a Honda engine after it has overheated?

Yes, any engine can be rebuilt unless the block is cracked. Just because it overheated does not mean it will needs to be rebuilt. Have it inspected by a tructed mechanic.

Can you rebuild a knocking motor?

yes you can rebuild a knocking motor. its best to rebuild it from block up and it may get pricy but its worth it

How much is a rebuilt 99 diamante engine?

A "crate" engine, short block, (no heads) 1999 Mitsubishi 3.5liter V6 go for $850 A Long block, meaning with heads also rebuilt and installed on engine, $1100 Full rebuild and labor if you are not DIY anywhere from $1800 to $2200 Used , salvaged engines (be careful, it seems every used engine always has 30,000 miles on them. No matter what they really have, the always say that, and there is no way to prove otherwise. There are clues and evidence of higher mileage but never proof) anyway Used: $550

How much does it cost to rebuild a 327 engine?

What's the price range to rebuild a Chevy 327 engine

Engine Rebuild?

form_title=Engine Rebuild form_header=Is it time to stop and rebuild? What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How many miles on your car?=_ What problems have you been having with your engine?=_ Is this your car's original engine? = () Yes () No () Not Sure

What is the biggest crate motor engine?


What is a chevy crate made from?

The Chevy Crate engine is an engine that is custom built. They usually have more power and are made from the original motor but bored out and modified.

How much does a Mazda 4 cylinder engine rebuild cost?

If the heads, cam, crank, and block is good then you are looking at about 1500 professional and 700 do it yourself