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Should a cable running to the alternator be live?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-21 13:46:01

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Yes This Cable Is Connected To A Group Of Cables That Run To The Battery Positive Side, To Allow The Alternator To Charge The Battery.,Do Not Remove Or Install An Alternator Until You Remove The Ground Terminal From Your Battery.

2006-08-21 13:46:01
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What is live in electrical engineering?

"Live" means that there is current running through the cable or wire or system in general.

One cable to the alternator is live when key is removed whats wrong?

Nothing is wrong. One cable runs from the alternator directly to the ungrounded post of the battery, without any need of going through the key switch. For this wire to become "dead", one of the cables to the battery must be unhooked.

What channel is trutv on?

It should differ on where you live, and what cable provider you have. I know some channels differ on what cable provider that you have. It was always confusing for me at first.

How do you get Xbox live with an Ethernet cable?

there are 2 ends of an ethernet cable one goes into your xbox one goes into modem make sure both your xbox and modem are off when you have connected both plugs the modem should restart by itself when it has turn on your xbox and then go to system settings then network settings and lastly test xbox live connection if you have done this correctly you should have a message saying xbox live is up and running if the test failed i dont know what 2 tell you

Kinds of routers?

What kind of router should I buy for xbox 360 live using cable modem?

Does xbox live have any effect to your computer?

Xbox live takes up a small amount of internet usage, but it has no effect with the computer, especially if the modem/router you are using has no Ethernet cable running to your computer.

What is the function of the live cable in an electrical installation?

A "live" cable is used to supply a voltage potential to a load.

Replacing an alternator 92 Volvo?

I don't know if a '92 is different to my '84 240 dl but for my car it's quite straight forward. Disconnect the battery. There are 3 bolts to remove which hold the alternator, start with the one which tensions the fanbelt via a sliding arm. Once loosened move the arm/alternator to release the tension and unhook the fanbelt. Then undo the other two bolts and slide them out, then there is an earth cable, a live cable and one other to undo. I guess this may vary on other models with different connections.

Can you connect Xbox live with the Xbox live cable in the box?

no, you need to take the cable out of the box first, plug it in, and connect.

Battery and Brake light come on for a short while then go out Alternator checked good and has a new starter what else could it be?

if the car dies when the lights come on then IT IS your alternator. Another way to test this would to be after you start your car take the battery cables off of the battery. if your alternator is good then the car should keep the car running. besides that there could just be a bad connection. if you live near an auto zone or a store of that sort they have machined they can hook up and read the prob inside. if it's nothing the it can reset it also.

How does the belkin wireless modem allow access to the Xbox 360 for Xbox live?

Yes All Routers Should Allow Xbox Live Through Wireless Or Cable

Can ammeter be connected in neutral wire?

No, your live (brown) cable takes the load and pulls the amps from the supply, not the neutral. Your ammeter should be clipped on the live to get a correct reading.

Where do your put USB CABLE to have Xbox live on a Xbox 360?

You don't use a USB CABLE. You use an ethernet cable from the back of your computer and plug it in the back of your XBOX360 to have XBOX LIVE. :)

Battery flat in your Mercedes c180 battery in boot how do you get it opened?

Connect a slave battery to the alternator live terminal and an earth. Then the central locking should work.

How do you connect xbox 360 live?

Wireless internet Cable+ Ethernet cord. Cable+

How do you connect to Xbox live using a wired connection?

You have to plug your ethernet cable (which you should get with the xbox, as you probably know) into the back of your router.

What is the longest cable that you can get for xbox live?

To get xbox live for the 360 all you need is a cat5 or cat 6 ethernet cable. Any cable will do so there really is no limit on the lengt, in face you could get a 1000+ ft cable if you want. If you do not want such a long cable you can purchase a wifi adapter.

Is Larry the cable guy live?


Can you play xbox live without an adapter or Ethernet cable?

Xbox Live requires an internet connection, either by wireless adapter or ethernet cable.

How can I get cheap cable TV in Atlanta?

There are many companies that provide cable in Atlanta. I would consider getting Time Warner Cable if you live there.

Why does the battery light stay on 1997 dodge neon?

Alternator not charging battery properly? Check with a voltmeter A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running With engine running reading should be approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

Is it legal to use your own cable tv box?

The cable box itself would not be an issue. Cable boxes will not work on their own, there must be a live feed of cable for the box to have channels to choose from. If someone is not paying for that cable to be available at that residence but for whatever reason there is a live feed coming through, it would be seen as illegal.

I live in Waco Texas, who is the cheapest Cable Company in my area?

The Cheapest cable company in Texas is Dslone.

How do you get Xbox live using your motom?

With a Ethernet cable

Xbox 360 will not connect to Xbox live when console is turned on?

Check your family settings or internet connection. Try plugging in a ethernet cable to your router and Xbox.. That should connect you to the internet and Xbox Live.