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It should be on for best gas mileage under normal driving conditions, If towing a large load up hills and through town, it should be off.

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Q: Should the overdrive be on or off?
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2001 ford expedition overdrive light should it be on while driving or off?

Normally the overdrive is allowed , so the overdrive OFF light does not light up When the overdrive is switched off , the overdrive OFF light will light up to let you know that the overdrive has been switched off

How should the overdrive light look when its on lincoln navigator?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position so you don't see the light on If you turn OFF the overdrive , the overdrive off light will light up or if there is a problem the overdrive off light will flash

Should you use your overdrive while towing your camper?

No. Overdrive should be turned off when towing any trailer.

Should you drive your 1998 ford E250 with overdrive on or off?

Overdrive allowed is the normal position

What position should the overdrive switch be in when hauling a trailer?

it should be off

How do you turn on the overdrive on a 99 Camry?

keep the overdrive shaft button pressed, there is a panel light called "O/D" that should light indicating the overdrive is OFF. In that case make sure the light is OFF which means overdrive is ON.

Should you drive 97 ford mustang with overdrive on or off?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but it won't shift into overdrive until the speed is faster such as on the highway / freeway

What can be wrong if you can't get the overdrive to come off?

Take it in. There is either a problem with your transmission or with the overdrive switch itself. Overdrive switch should be a lot cheaper to fix. I'm assuming the light not only goes on, but the overdrive physically turns off as well when the light is on.

What does OVERDRIVE BAND FAILED OFF mean on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

On a 1998 Ford Explorer, Overdrive Band Failed Off means that the vehicle did not shift into Overdrive properly. The band for this gear should be serviced soon.

Is the overdrive on when the dashlight is on or off on a 1996 ford windstar?

The overdrive is "ON" when the light is "OFF". Notice the light for the overdrive has a slash through it.

Overdrives's off light mean overdrives is on or off?

If the overdrive's off light is on that means it's off. If it is off then the overdrive is on.

1 When do you tell overdrive is off while driving an automatic car What should show on the dash board because i usually see an orange signal showing OD off?

If "OD Off" is lit, then your overdrive is off.

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