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Q: Should there be some type of foam or underlay over the steel walls before installing the liner in a vinyl liner pool with steel wall construction?
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Can you put a mattress protector over an electric blanket?

Can I use a woollen underlay or mattress protector with my electric blanket? Yes, if you have a Safe & Sound electric blanket manufactured in 2005 or later, it can be used in conjunction with an underlay, providing it does not have a heavy rubber backing. The underlay or mattress protector can be placed either on top of the electric blanket or underneath it. Please note that your electric blanket may take longer to heat up should you place the underlay over the top of it. If you have any other Sunbeam electric blanket (i.e. not Safe & Sound) or one manufactured before 2005, you should only place the underlay or mattress protector underneath the electric blanket. Placing a heavy underlay over the top of this type of blanket may trap the heat and inadvertently activate the safety overheat protection system, which cannot be reset. If using a magnetic underlay, you should check with the supplier of the underlay to ensure its effectiveness when used in conjunction with an electric blanket.

Should you prime drywall before installing trim and cabinets?

In the best of all possible worlds, YES. If you are doing new construction yourself, then a primer coat before installation of trim & cabinetry is fantastic. Wish more of the "pros" where that conscientious.

What should I know before installing hardwood floors?

Before installing hardwood floors, you should know the size and costs of this project. YOu can find tips at The most important thing to know before installing hardwood floors is the amount of flooring you will need. Make sure you pick out a floor that is durable and will last for a long time. Also, low maintenance floors are great!

Should battery be disconnected before installing ignition?

yes .... unless you want to be electricuted :P

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scan it properly it may contain virus

What should be applied to a tire bead before installing a tire on a rim?

Tire mounting lubricant.

When using Windows you should create a restore point before installing new software?


In which two situations should a technician create a restore point?

before an operating system update and before installing a new driver.

Why soil survey should be carried out before construction takes place?

The surveys should take place before the construction to know that whether the soil is hard enough or stable enough to take the load of construction. This survey is important so that the house or the building do not sink in.

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Some precautions that should be taken before installing Internet Explorer are that the download link should be looked at carefully to make sure it is a legitimate download. Make sure to have an antivirus software running.

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No, but you should turn off and unplug your computer before opening it for any reason.

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No, it should be internally lubricated so there is no need to lubricate the starter.

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