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Should you leave the over drive on all the time 1994 Nissan Pathfiner?

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January 18, 2006 7:27AM

Yes!! unless you want lower gas mileage, and excessive wear on

your engine and transmission..only take the Overdrive off if you

are in a low traction situation...snow, ice, of off road terrain.

Im the same person who left the answer to "programming keyless

remotes on a '94 pathfinder" not registering for this damned

page but i will be of any help i can to fellow Nissan "Pathy"

owners..e-mail me at if you happen

to be a hot chick definatly e-mail about your pathfinder It is a

good idea to turn it off while towing ,, any automatic i drive with

o/d seems to get MUCH better gas milage when just in drive if

you're on back roads or going up hills. Maily because you don't

have to put your foot into the pedal more to get it to kick out of

overdrive once you already started losing speed going up a hill. i

was getting 20mpg on an 87 IROC with 350 and auto tranny because of

this method.

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