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Similarities between Afghanistan war and Vietnam war?

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There are none; The Vietnam War was fought against another nation (North Vietnam); just as Korea was fought against North Korea (and Red China); and WWII was fought against the countries of Germany, Japan and Italy.

The US is NOT at war with Afghanistan.

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Two nations (countries) (with their allies) were at war with each other in Vietnam. No nations are at war with Afghanistan.

The war in Vietnam, the Korean War, World War 1, World War 2...were fought against Nations (countries). The United States is NOT at war with Iraq nor Afghanistan. The US is at war with insurgents/terrorists (criminals that attacked New York City on 9/11); they just happen to be in the Iraq/Afghanistan regions.

Nothing. The US is not at war w/Afghanistan. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

Vietnam is more painful and bloody and the Indian war wasn't as bloody

None. The French Indochina War was similar to the American Revolution.

WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Wars were fought between nations (countries). Iraq and Afghanistan does not involve combat between nations (the US is not at war with Iraq/Afghanistan). 1. Iraq-The restoration of law, order, and stability to the region. 2. Afghanistan-Hunting down terrorists (criminals) responsible for 9/11.

No, because the US is not fighting the country of Afghanistan. The US was fighting the country of North Vietnam. The US is not at war with any nation as of this date.

None at all. The Peloponnesian War was a struggle between rival alliances in Greece involving about 300 independent city-states. The Vietnam War was a proxy war involving the takeover of South Vietnam (backed by the West) by North Vietnam (backed by Communist USSR and CPPP).

The US has been fighting in Afghanistan longer it was fighting in Vietnam. It is the longest war in US history.

Vietnam was a war against the nation of NORTH Vietnam and communism. Iraq is the restoration of law and order; and stability to the country.

No real official war has happened afterwards of the Vietnam War, but we are currently experiencing the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Phillipines.

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

Vietnam was a long war against a determined enemy. Desert Storm was a 45 day operation against an un-determined enemy.

Tactics, helicopters and searching would be the only similarity. As far as war is concerned; there's no comparison: 1. WWI Allies verses Central Powers 2. WWII Allies verses Axis Powers 3. Korean War Allies (US & UN) vs North Korea & Communist China 4. Vietnam War Allies vs North Vietnam (supported by USSR/Red China) Afghanistan? No nation is at war with Afghanistan. US/Coalition is hunting criminals, just like the "war on crime" in the United States; find em, arrest em, put em in prison (or execute them). If they don't surrender, "suicide by cop."

You probably meant "Iraq" or "Afghanistan", and just left out the word. The US was actually at war with North Vietnam; bombing it, mining it's harbors, sending in commandos (Nasty Boats, DeSoto Patrols, etc.), and fighting North Vietnam's Air Force, Navy, and Army (NVA). The US is NOT at war with the nation of Afghanistan or Iraq. Just trying to arrest, or kill terrorists, and restore law, order, and stability to those areas.

There is no war between afghanistan and USA we are always friend SAMEEM ATAHI

For the US Viet War, few to none. For the French War many. The US Viet War had many similarities to the US Civil War.

It used to be Vietnam, but it became Afghanistan recently

Similarities: Both wars fought between a communist North against a free republic South.Differences:1. Korea icy cold/Vietnam hot and humid2. Korea lasted 3 years/Vietnam lasted 20 years3. North lost in Korea/North won in VietnamKorea freezing temperatures and a communist failure. Vietnam tropical and a communist victory.

Technically between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Actually between the US and North Vietnam.

The main similarity between the US War in Vietnam and the Soviet War in Afghanistan was that these were wars that were badly executed by the superpower to support a puppet regime in that country that eventually fell after the superpower lost numerous casualties from a guerrilla insurgency supported by the other superpower.

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

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