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what kind of car? could be sucurity issue, does sucurity ligth flash if equipped.gmjim its a 94 e320 6cyl. it has problem starting and no fue; preshure. but if we un hook computer let sit for min then replug it will start and we replaced computer still does it

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Q: Some times car wont start and has no fuel pressure?
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Olds 1988 cutless ceira 80 of time it wont start unless you spray a shot of starting fluid the other 20 it will start some times it run irratic and some times it wont can you help you?


If you are getin gas an fire but still wont start why?

Don't know what your vehicle is but if it is fuel injected, it may have some fuel pressure but if it doesn't have the required amount of fuel pressure it isn't going to start. Do a fuel pressure test, you may have a bad fuel pump or bad fuel pressure regulator. Also check all the fuses. Also check the timing belt if it has one, it may have jumped or broke.

A 1998 Chevrolet Suburban has no fuel pressure to start. The new fuel pump is 1 year old. Why does it start by putting fuel in the intake and will run after that?

You need to check the fuel filter and the fuel pressure regulator.

What is the fuel pressure on a 1996 Chevy pick up?

minimum fuel pressure is 52 lbs to start

Why does the car start and when you drive it then turn the car off then it take a little bet to start?

Fuel pump problem-To rule out a failing fuel pump -you must check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure tester if its within specs-you start here

How to determine if fuel pump is working on 1988 Pontiac 6000.?

Get a can of throttle body cleaner.....spray throttle body cleaner into the throttle the blade and shoot some into the throttle body. Then try to start the car...if it starts, then you have a fuel delivery problem. Hook a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and just turn the key on and see what pressure you get. If no pressure then it is either your fuel pump OR a clogged fuel filter. You can then put a new fuel filter on, test the pressure again and if still no pressure, you are pretty much looking at the fuel pump. If you get fuel pressure at the fuel rail and it still won't start then you probably have an injector problem.

When i try to start my 1995 dodge avenger there is no fuel pressure won't start?

Fuel pump is bad.

Why would a 92 Chevy blazer not start while getting fire and fuel coming out of the fuel pressure release when checked?

You may have some fuel pressure but not enough. Do a pressure test with a fuel pressure test gauge, it should have 41 to 47 psi to properly run the engine. Sorry, But that engine should have 9 to 13 LBS. of fuel pressure. No lower are higher are you will have problems.

When cold you have to pump accelerator many times before it starts What could be the problem?

pumping probably isn't helping if the truck has fuel injection. extended cold crank times are often caused by a bad cold start injector or the control for the injector. also if there is no fuel pressure (i.e. a fuel pressure regulator that is leaking back into the tank as the car sits), it will take awhile to start.

Why wont the engine start even with a new fuel pump pump works but no pressure sometimes it will run and some time it wont engine is a 3900 1996 olds?

Did you change the fuel filter? Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator?

How do you trouble shoot the fuel pump?

Start with a fuel pump pressure test.

Car wont start on its own but will start off of starting fluid?

you have a lack of fuel or fuel pressure troubler

1996 Chevy Tahoe is starting to take a while to start what do you suggest?

Check fuel pressure, fuel pressure regulator.

Does pressure regulator make a car not to start if its damaged?

A damaged fuel pressure regulator can cause a car not to start.

Buick 3.3 v-6 will not start good fuel pressure and spark will start with starting fluid?

Fuel pressure should be around 40. If the injectors are not getting power it will not start. Start with a crank sensor first.

1993 Chevy 350 truck fuel injection cranks but doesn't always start then it will start but dies when you put it in gear will always start if you put gas directly into throttle body.?

change your fuel filter and test the fuel pressure. pump pressure 60 psi line pressure after the fuel regulator on TBI 11 TO 13 Psi.

How do you install a new fuel pressure regulator for a 88 ford bronco 302?

Remove the fuel pump and relieve the fuel system pressure. Disconnect the fuel line then fix the fuel pressure gauge. Reconnect the fuse to the fuel pump and start the engine to check leakage. Tidy the surrounding of the fuel pressure regulator.

1996 4runner will turn over but not start try again several times it will start?

Most likely a fuel issue. Hook up a pressure tester on the fuel line and test it. It should come up to pressure immediately. If it takes a few seconds or longer then something is wrong.

2000 grand am and lately its been really hard to start it starts but it takes forever and when I'm driving at times it feels like something is pulling it back What could be the problem?

It could be a partially blocked air filter, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator (if your vehicle has one) or low fuel pressure. Use a fuel line pressure gauge to see what the pressure is. You may need to look up the PROPER pressure for your vehicle, then compare it to the actual pressure. If it's low, check the fuel filter and/or fuel pump.

Why won't it start the first time but will start 20 minutes later?

ck fuel pressure,and bleed off pressure

Can a car start with the fuel pump relay out?

If the fuel system is still holding pressure the car will start and run until the fuel runs out, The relay turns on the fuel pump.

Why after changing fuel pump in Mazda make the the car not fire correctly on some cylinders?

Does it have a check engine light? i so Scan the computer for code/s. Check the fuel pressure if its within specs with a fuel pressure tester-start here

My 1993sable won't start has new fuel pump and new fuel 1ilter new fuel pressure regulator and no pressure on the fuel rail but it will start if you use starting fluid and run fine all day long?

try changing the fuel pressure regulator which is located on the front fuel rail. when you put the new one in make sure you put some lubricant on the o ring to keep from damaging it. Make sure the vacuum hose going to the fuel pressure regulator is good. The vacuum hoses wear/collapse and break - they can start acting up with just a leak and intermittent problem, but ultimately break all the way => no-start.

Engine will start then stop running 1997 eagle talon?

Check for proper fuel pressure in the 1997 Talon. The engine appears to be starving for fuel and only has enough pressure to start.

What are the symptoms of a fuel pump going bad?

Noisy fuel pump, stalling, or engine will not start and you have no fuel pressure.

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