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Started out to remove front wheel hub on 98 Honda but cant free axle shaft from hub used a large lead hammer and a wheel puller but no luck do you just need more brute force?


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AnswerIf the axle shaft is seized in the hub, try applying heat to the hub in the area surrounding the driveshat axle splines using a torch. Be careful not to use excessive heat as this can damage any rubber/plastic components (i.e. driveshaft boot, ABS sensor (if equipped), etc. Once heated, hit the driveshaft end using a hammer and punch or ideally, an air hammer, taking care not to damage the threads of the driveshaft. This technique has worked for me many times. If the axle shaft still won't budge from the hub, you'll need to remove the seized axle shaft/hub assembly as a unit and take it to a competent machine shop to separate them. Hope this helps.

If the BFH (big freaking hammer) technique doesn't work for you, then a 3 jaw puller is exactly what you need & they are relatively common tools. If you're near Harbour Freight you can pick one up for probably $20 or less. If not, Autozone, Advance, Orielly, and other auto parts stores sell them & they should have them through the loan-a-tool programs for cheap or even free.


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I recently removed the lower ball joint from a 91 Civic, hopefully it is the same as yours. You need a fairly large double jaw gear puller. Loosen the castle nut, but do not remove it. Place the jaws of the gear puller under the boot of the ball joint (be careful not to damage the boot). Then place the screw part of the puller on the end of the ball joint bolt and tighten the puller as tight as you possible can. Then use a blunt punch and hammer to hit on the lower arm where the bolt goes through it, it requires quite a vibration to jar the ball joint loose. Good luck.

Fuse puller is located under the drivers side dash on your left, inside of the fuse box.

You need to take the left side cover off the engine and use a puller to remove the flywheel. Then you will access to the stator.

Start with a huge hammer, if that doesn't work get a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake pads and break hardware. The brake rotor will slide off. You may need to tap the rotor with a hammer.

With extreeme care. I have a steering wheel puller, a phillips driver and a star driver to fit all screws.

you can use a harmonic balancer puller for a car to remove it no problem hardest part is removing the nut that holds it on it is left hand thread so righty loosy lefty tighty

hammer Come on! Right or left=handed? Male or female? I REALLY need to know.

Most Honda brake rotors require a large slide hammer as they are not only pressed onto the hub, but also rusted which makes it very hard to remove. This may well require an experienced technician.

Tire and wheel from your 1995 Honda Passport. Remove the brake assembly. Tap on the rotor with a hammer or mallet to loosen it. Slide the rotor off.

They are pressed into steering knuckle. Remove steering knuckle from car, then you can put rounded end of ball pein hammer (make sure ball pein hammer end is big enough) into the opening where axle goes and hit it out by striking flat end of ball pein hammer with small sledge hammer. Ensure steering knuckle is solidly secured before striking with hammer.

Front studs on a 1999 Honda Accord are pressed in. First the studs must be removed using a hammer or press. Once remove each stud can be pressed in.

Lift the front end and secure it on jackstands. Remove the front tires and place under the vehicles frame. Use a wrench or socket to remove the six bolts on the automatic hub locker. Use a small hose puller to remove c clip and the ring behind it inside the hub. Use a wrench or socket to remove brake caliper andcaliper mount. Remove remaining hub piecesand use a medium phillips head screwdriver to remove two to three small screws and then use your small hose puller to remove the bearing rataining ring. Use again your small hose puller to unscrew the remaining bearing retainer and theentire hub should slide out.

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You should be able to hammer it out with a small sledge hammer, you may have to remove the hub to get it completely out. To install the new one, make sure that the splines are lined up and put a lug nut on it. Tighten the lugnut all the way down to pull the stud(bolt) into the hub.

Soichiro Honda, who comes from Japan.

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