Started out to remove front wheel hub on 98 Honda but cant free axle shaft from hub used a large lead hammer and a wheel puller but no luck do you just need more brute force?


If the axle shaft is seized in the hub, try applying heat to the hub in the area surrounding the driveshat axle splines using a torch. Be careful not to use excessive heat as this can damage any rubber/plastic components (i.e. driveshaft boot, ABS sensor (if equipped), etc. Once heated, hit the driveshaft end using a hammer and punch or ideally, an air hammer, taking care not to damage the threads of the driveshaft. This technique has worked for me many times. If the axle shaft still won't budge from the hub, you'll need to remove the seized axle shaft/hub assembly as a unit and take it to a competent machine shop to separate them. Hope this helps.

If the BFH (big freaking hammer) technique doesn't work for you, then a 3 jaw puller is exactly what you need & they are relatively common tools. If you're near Harbour Freight you can pick one up for probably $20 or less. If not, Autozone, Advance, Orielly, and other auto parts stores sell them & they should have them through the loan-a-tool programs for cheap or even free.