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Check engine vacuum and power brake vacuum booster. If the brakes work but just require extra effort to stop, it's a brake boost problem.

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Q: Stiff brake pedal and had the master cylinder abs replaced what could this be?
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How long does it take to change a brake master cylinder on 306?

Master Brake cylinder replaced and lines bled-how long?

What are the symptoms of a bad brake master cylinder?

A symptom you almost always feel is a brake pedal that will not hold. You stop, hold the brake, and the pedal will slowly move toward the floor. This is a sure sign the master cylinder is bad. A leaking master cylinder or one that sticks, is also a sign is is defective. When you replace the master cylinder replace all the brake fluid in the brake system and bleed the brakes. Moisture in the brake fluid will destroy a master cylinder and this may be why it failed.Brake fluid leaking from the master cylinder. When you stop and hold your foot on the break the brake pedal will slowly go to the floor. Either of these symptoms means your master cylinder must be replaced.

Brake peddle hard but goes down slowly?

Air in a brake line or a bad master cylinder could cause this. Bleed the brake lines if you have been working on any brake cylinder. If this happened without any warning, the master brake cylinder is probably the cause and should be replaced.

1991 Pontiac grand am stalls even after master cylinder replaced?

The brake master cylinder has nothing to do with the way the car runs. It certainly wouldn't cause it to stall.....Maybe the brake booster?

Why does brake pedal go to floor on 1991 buick park avenue?

First, make sure the master cylinder is filled with brake fluid. If it is low, there may be a leak somewhere in the brake lines or a brake cylinder. If the master cylinder is bad, you can normally pump the brakes up, but the pedal will slowly sink to the floor again. The master cylinder needs to be replaced or repaired.

How do you know when you need a new master brake cylinder?

A brake master cylinder? If you are losing brakes or brake fluid.

The brake is sticking down and wont return and the master cylinder brake booster wheel cylinders shoes and pads have all been replaced and the lines bleed rightly with no leaks Any ideas?

Defective Master cylinder?

What is brake master cylinder repair?

Brake master cylinder repair is where someone or some body fixes the master cylinder on your brakes. It is the main line to your brake apparatus. Also the master cylinder is the container for the fluid and the piston, forming part of a device such as a hydraulic brake or clutch.

No brake pressure on a 1986 VW Cabriolet?

Master cylinder empty (no brake fluid) Leak in brake line or wheel cylinder Defective master cylinder

What causes the brake fluid to leak on the carpet when the brake pedal is depressed?

The master cylinder seals are worn out. Have it replaced soon, very soon!

How do you change a brake cylinder on a 1999 Galant?

Drain the brake fluid from the brake master cylinder reservoir. Remove the wiring harness from the brake cylinder. Remove the brake lines. Remove the brake cylinder retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install the new master brake cylinder.

Where is the master brake cylinder on Isuzu NPR?

The master brake cylinder is under the dash beside the steering colum

Ford brake proportioning valve?

The brake valve is located next to the master brake cylinder. The valve can be found just below the master brake cylinder.

How do you change a master cylinder on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

The master cylinder can be easily replaced with a new unit, by disconnecting the brake lines, capping off the brake lines, detaching the old master cylinder by unscrewing two bolts.You must bench bleed the new unit before installing. Then reverse the above. Protect surfaces from brake fluid spillage.

Where do you find the reservoir for clutch on 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?

The clutch master cylinder and the brake master cylinder are part of the same system . Both can be filled at the brake master cylinder using brake fluid

What cylinder goes on a 1989 cutlass sierra?

What cylinder? Master (brake) cylinder? Rear Brake cylinder? Lock cylinder?

Where is the master cylinder on a Volkswagen golf?

Look to see where you fill the brake fluid and where your filling the brake fluid that is the master cylinder.

How do you tell when the brake master cylinder is out?

Master cylinder may be leaking, brake pedal may slowly fall to the floor when you are stopped with your foot on the brake.

How do i fix a 1976 mg midget master brake cylinder?

Begin by removing the brake lines. Remove the master cylinder retaining bolts. The master cylinder will come off. Reverse the process to install a new master cylinder.

Accidetally poured tramassion oil in brake master cylinder how you can clean brake lines and master cylinder?

if you syringe and/or soak the oil contaminated brake fluid out of the master cylinder resrvoir with towels, etc then you will be fine, no worries.

Where to add clutch fluid in 1988 F 250?

The fluid for the clutch comes from the brake fluid. After the brake master cylinder, there is a clutch master cylinder which takes fluid from the brakes. Fill up the Brake master cylinder.

If you make a mistake and put motor oil into your brake fluid could you lose your brakes and how long would it take to go through the system before you have no brakes.?

Good time to replace all the brake fluid. Remove the brake lines from the Master Cylinder and pump the master cylinder dry. Add fresh brake fluid from an unopened can and bleed the master cylinder. Reinstall the brake lines and then bleed all brake lines until you see clean fluid. Keep adding fluid to the Master Cylinder until you are done.Good time to replace all the brake fluid. Remove the brake lines from the Master Cylinder and pump the master cylinder dry. Add fresh brake fluid from an unopened can and bleed the master cylinder. Reinstall the brake lines and then bleed all brake lines until you see clean fluid. Keep adding fluid to the Master Cylinder until you are done.

Where is the brake master cylinder level switch 1999 Malibu?

on side of master cylinder.

Where is clutch master cylinder on 85 hi ace?

shared with brake master cylinder.

What is replaced with brake repair?

Most often a brake repair simply involves replacing the brake pads. If the pads have worn too much though the rotors or drums will also need to be resurfaced or replaced. In more serious cases the master cylinder that controls the brake pressure will be replaced. Brake lines rarely if ever need to be replaced.