The 'air bag' light is on in your 2000 Impala how do you turn it off?

The only way to turn it off is to correct the problem turning it on, once corrected it will turn off by itself. It being on shows that there is a current problem and that no air bags will deploy in the event of an accident until the light is off There is a "clockspring" in the steering column that is probably broken. When the clockspring breaks, the airbag light comes on. The "clockspring" takes the place of the old slip rings and spring loaded contacts used in older cars to transfer circuits from the steering wheel to the stationary column making the airbag, horn and speed control operational. To replace involves removing the airbag. Take it to the dealer. There was a recall on many 2000 Impala's concerning the air bag system. The light on our Impala would turn on & off intermittently before we took it in. The dealer will be able to do a VIN search to see if your vehicle has had the service performed or not.