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The catch release for your 98 S-10 pick up does not work and you can not set the brake although the cable is OK and the brakes work?


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2006-02-18 16:15:10
2006-02-18 16:15:10

on my 99, i had the spring loaded catch under the dash rust up and hang. follow the peddle back to the hing and locate the catch and release assemble. cover the carpet with plastic and lubricate the spring loaded area. a compressed lubricant maybe helpful since some areas are not easily seen.caution should be used at this point to avoid spraying yourself in the eyes, since you will be standing on your head inches away. then work the peddle to free rust from the parts. yu may still have oil dripping from the hinge so leave the plastic down unitl you are sure it is safe. continue working the peddle over the next few days if it doesnt release immediately.


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The throttle cable goes from the 'gas' pedal to the carburetor or throttle body to control the speed of the engine. On cars the brake cable goes to the emergency brake, on some motorcycles the brake cable goes to the brakes. (The main brakes for cars and some motorcycles are hydraulically operated, not by a cable.)

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I don't know about Silverado trucks but all of the emergency (parking) brakes I'm familiar with use the brake cable to "pull" and hold the brake against the drum (or disk), so if the cable breaks you simply cannot apply the emergency brake. That is, it is automatically released if the the cable breaks.

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It depends which cable is broken. If the main cable is broken under the truck, the brakes should release on their own. If the brakes dont release, the cables are frozen from rust and need to be replaced. If the release cable from the handle to pedal assemdly is broken reach under the dash above the pedal and find the small release arm. Pull the arm toward you [ the rear of vehicle ] and the emergency brake pedal will release.

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jack the car up and there is a cable going to both back brakes, usually if you yank on the cable it should release them

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Check parking brake if you use it. Sounds like broken cable.

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