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on my 99, i had the spring loaded catch under the dash rust up and hang. follow the peddle back to the hing and locate the catch and release assemble. cover the carpet with plastic and lubricate the spring loaded area. a compressed lubricant maybe helpful since some areas are not easily seen.caution should be used at this point to avoid spraying yourself in the eyes, since you will be standing on your head inches away. then work the peddle to free rust from the parts. yu may still have oil dripping from the hinge so leave the plastic down unitl you are sure it is safe. continue working the peddle over the next few days if it doesnt release immediately.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-18 16:15:10
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Q: The catch release for your 98 S-10 pick up does not work and you can not set the brake although the cable is OK and the brakes work?
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What is the difference between a throttle cable and a brake cable?

The throttle cable goes from the 'gas' pedal to the carburetor or throttle body to control the speed of the engine. On cars the brake cable goes to the emergency brake, on some motorcycles the brake cable goes to the brakes. (The main brakes for cars and some motorcycles are hydraulically operated, not by a cable.)

How do you release the parking brake when the release cable has broken on a 2004 silverado truck with less than 24K?

I don't know about Silverado trucks but all of the emergency (parking) brakes I'm familiar with use the brake cable to "pull" and hold the brake against the drum (or disk), so if the cable breaks you simply cannot apply the emergency brake. That is, it is automatically released if the the cable breaks.

How do you release the emergency brake if the cable is broke on a 1992 Chevy s10 it is the one you push with your foot?

It depends which cable is broken. If the main cable is broken under the truck, the brakes should release on their own. If the brakes dont release, the cables are frozen from rust and need to be replaced. If the release cable from the handle to pedal assemdly is broken reach under the dash above the pedal and find the small release arm. Pull the arm toward you [ the rear of vehicle ] and the emergency brake pedal will release.

How do you get the emergency brake unstuck on a 92 Geo Prism?

jack the car up and there is a cable going to both back brakes, usually if you yank on the cable it should release them

Rear brakes won't release on 1990 Ford Ranger?

Check parking brake if you use it. Sounds like broken cable.

How do you adjust a hand brake?

Hand brakes are attached to the rear brakes in most vehicles. Start with making sure the rear brakes are in good working order and adjusted. Most vehicles will have a cable adjustment connected with the front cable that leads to the hand brake. Make this cable adjustment after the rear brakes have been inspected and adjusted.

What is the hose attached to the rear brakes?

sounds like the emergancy brake cable

How do you release broken parking brake cable on a 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

If its broken, then the cable is released. IF the breaks are still sticking, then the rear brakes will have to be opened up and the mechanism freed up.

How to tighten an emergency brake cable on a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

What if you've checked your brakes and they are fine. My e-brake cable is stretched out and no adjuster is anywhere to be found. Is there an adjuster for a 2002 cavalier? before you think about adjusting your e-brake cable, you may want to inspect or have your rear brakes inspected. most of the time the e-brake cable will not need adjusting and the problem lies in excessive wear on your rear drum brakes. the e-brake functions by mechanically engaging your brakes (as opposed to hydraulic actuation from your braking system) in the rear. if they are too far worn, the cable pull created by your e-brake lever will not fully engage or may sometimes not at all engage your rear brakes. you could tighten the cable, but you would need to readjust when you had the rear brake shoes replaced. check your brake wear first. if that doesn't solve your problem, then adjust the e-brake.

What will cause f-1991 F150 front emergency brake to not release?

Front emergency brake? Do you mean a frozen cable? If front brake is locked may be a frozen caliper Emergency brake tied to rear brakes only

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2002 Honda CR-V?

The emergency brake cable is connected to the brake shoe on the rear brakes. You can adjust the emergency brake by loosening or tightening the nut on the end of the cable.

How do you replace the emergency brake release cable on a GMC suburban?

Your GMC Suburban emergency brake release cable is held in place with a swivel nut on each end of the cable. Loosen the swivel nut to remove the cable. Reverse the process to install the new emergency brake release cable.

Do you need to hook up parking brake cable when doing back brakes?

If you want the parking brake to work, yes.

Can you release the parking brake if the cable brakes ON A 2004 AVALANCHE 1500 CHEVY?

parking brake is held on by a ratchet inside the car, ,so if the cable is broken your brakes will not be locked onif they are, you have more than a broken cable problem.--------------I beg to differ. It may be that it's only the release cable that is broken. This was the case in my older (79) Chevy Malibu. It wasn't the actual brake cable that broke. So my parking brake was stuck on. Ok then i did find a little lever part that i could pull back on beneath the dash, it was sort of connected to the parking brake pedal base. Look underneath the dash by the ebrake pedal, see if you can trace the route from the release handle to where its little pull cable might attach. That is the point where you would want to pull back to release the pedal. it worked for me, but of course it's a different type of Chevy. Just be careful as those moving parts will then release and you want to keep your fingers safe.--purry1

Why do my brakes lock up on my 93 Nissan pickup?

Your e.brake cable is stuck on your secondary brake shoe,your cable probaley is bad.

What is a Cable operated disc brakes?

A disc brake is type of brake there a rotating disc (AKA rotor) is pinched between two brake pads mounted in a caliper to make the wheel stop turning. There are two ways to make the brake pads pinch the rotor; hydraulic and mechanic/cable operated. With mechanical/cable operated brakes the cable basically turns a screw which pushes one brake pad towards the other, pinching the rotor and slowing the bike down.

How do you replace the parking brake on a ford escort zx2?

If you mean the brake itself, the parking brake lever pulls on the cables which attach to the rear brakes and manually tighten up the rear brake shoes. If the brake isn't working either a cable has broken or the problem is in the rear brakes.

Your emergency cable broke and is holding your brake on how can you release it?

Fix the emergency brake

Where does cable on on rear drum brakes hook to?

You are possibly referring to the emergency or parking brake cable. This hooks to a pedal or lever in the drivers area.

How do you remove emergency brake on a 2002 S10?

Need to know if the vehicle has rear disc brakes or drum brakes and which part of the e-brake system you want to remove, front cable, rear cables, e-brake linings, etc.

Why do rear brakes freeze up when cold on 1989 s 10 truck?

If you mean that the rear brakes won't work or that the parking brake won't release, it's probably because they are wet and the ice is keeping the parts from moving. If it's the parking brake, dry everything out then lube the cable. If the rear brakes aren't working, make sure the brakes are dry when you park for the night.

Why do your rear wheels spin on 93 Chevy s10 4x4 with brakes on?

You need to adjust the cable on the brake.

Does an emergency brake work on one or both back brakes?

Both....they are usually conjoined by a single cable.

Is there a Toyota Celica with cablebreaks?

Hydrolic brakes with cable brake for parking breaks rear wheels only.

Why does a gentle squeeze on your bike brakes stop your bike?

if your bike is a u, v or disk brake the cable is probably to tight or if you have hydraulic brakes of any kind your brakes will do this you just have to deal with it